What are my chances ED at Duke or Vanderbilt

<p>It has been my dream to go to Medical School and after reading all the blogs I feel very nervous about pursuing this field with the low acceptance rates. I don't have anything else I'm interested in. I am ranked 1st in my class, weighted GPA 4.5, ACT 30, very involved in EC such as student gov, NHS vice press, quill and scroll president, dance team, shadowing doctor and research assistant. I will have taken 11 AP classes by the end of senior year and am an AP scholar. My ethnicity is hispanic. I would not qualify for any financial assistance and Im very nervous about applying ED and wasting my parents money with the reality that I may not be the strongest applicant to Med School especially if I am able to get into a top tier university. Does anyone have opinions on wether I should try ED at a top tier like Duke or Vanderbilt or just apply to many but not ED or more affordable state school. Thanks for any advice.</p>