What are my chances for acceptance into Illinois Institute of Technology?

Hello CC! Could you please help me out and chance me to see if I have a realistic chance?

Please chance me for: Illinois Institute of Technology.

GPA Scale: 4.0 for regular class, 5.0 for Honors/AP classes
UW GPA: 3.92 / Weighted GPA: 4.12
SAT: 1450 (Superscore: 1460)
ACT: 34 (Superscore: 35)
Class Rank: Top 15%

APs: 10 with the end of junior year (includes APUSH, AP Chem, AP Macro, AP Psych, AP US Gov, AP Calc BC, AP Physics C both, and AP English Lit). Also self-studied AP Comp Sci.

Scores are all 3s though.

Senior Year Schedule: AP Micro, Honors Philosophy, AP Spanish, AP Stats, AP Bio, AP Lang, Honors Organic Chemistry.

I also took community college courses beginning with the ninth grade, mainly in computer science. However, this summer, I am taking business writing, business math, database management, and Western civilization. In senior year, I plan on taking a college physics or math (linear algebra) course.

ECs: (Decent)
Science Olympiad 9, 10, 11, 12. Won school, regional, state, and national awards.
Speech and Debate 9.
Academic Team 11, 12. Participated in many GWOC (Greater Western Ohio Conference) tournaments.
Model UN 11, 12.
Band 9.
Chem Buddies 10.
Computer Science Club 11, 12. I am a leader in the group, and I teach HTML and CSS to beginners.
National Honor Society 11, 12.
Boy Scouts of America 9, 10, 11, 12. I have held numerous leadership positions and am an Eagle Scout.

Accrued 50 hours from volunteering at local hospital.
Study Buddies 10. Tutored middle school students in subjects like math, science, social studies, etc.

Work Experience:
Part-time job at Kumon, 3 hours a week.
Summer internship at a software company in India.

Essays and teacher recommendations should be pretty good at the time of application.

I am an Asian American (Indian) and Ohio resident applying out of state.

Applying for Computer Science / Engineering (early action).

I know my stats may be mediocre, but I really want to know how realistic my chances are. I would be grateful if you could chance me for this school. Once again, thank you so much!

In addition, I am also in the Math Club, and I participate in competitions offered throughout the club.


You’re well above their medians for ACT and GPA so your chances are really good. I would look somewhere else though for ED, you can do better. Ok for EA I suppose.

@ProfessorPlum168 Thank you! I wasn’t planning on applying for ED. I was thinking about applying for either EA or RD. Which one do you think I will have a better shot of getting into?

You should be able to get into IIT regardless.

@ProfessorPlum168 Thank you!

IIT has rolling admissions with a priority deadline for scholarships, no EA or ED. You have a good chance at some scholarships so apply by the priority deadline.

@Parentof2014grad Will do. Thank you!

You absolutely have a good chance of being invited to Scholarship Weekend. Just apply before December 1.

Sure thing, thank you!

You should look into U of I if you are interested in computer science. You are overqualified for IIT.

IIT - is a great under. appreciated school. You should get merit money where University of Illinois you most likely won’t. IIT area is just ok . Across from where the White Sox play baseball but in a more secluded area. You have both the red line and green line trains going there so going downtown is really easy. The kids get jobs from all the major companies.


I actually know Howard and he will change the face of IIT. He already did it with Chicago startups with his 1871 group in Chicago.

@lzpare Thanks for your comments! I am also applying for UIUC and UIC.

@Knowsstuff Good to know. Thanks for your information!

I am assuming by this time you have got acceptance and scholarship at IIT. Know someone who just did , OOS, with lower stat than yours.