What are my chances for admission at Washington and Lee?

I’m an international student and I applied to W&L this year under Early Decision.
I have an SAT I score of 1440/1600 (760 in math, 350 in reading, and 330 in writing and language). I have a perfect unweighted GPA with all A’s and A+'s. I didn’t take SAT subject tests. I have four extracurriculars that include founding clubs at school, heading the school IT team, and participating in a volunteering project that has to do with science and its popularization beyond language boundaries. I also had research experience due to my STEM school system and got a recommendation letter from the supervisor. I’m asking for nearly a full financial aid, leaving me with a net price of only 4 thousand dollars per academic year. What are my chances for admission at Washington and Lee?

If you do get admitted but the likely scenario you do not win the full scholarship will they release you from the Early Decision contract?

I applied for a need-based financial aid and Washington and Lee meets 100% of demonstrated need, so this scenario is not possible. If they accept me, they’ll pay. If they don’t want to pay that much, I’ll be denied for admission.

Which country are you from? That can have a big impact on your chances for admission. If you’re from China, I’d say you’re probably not getting in. If you’re from most other places, though, you have a decent chance.

Yeah, I heard about that. I’m from Egypt. Actually I heard that being from Egypt will give me an advantage but I’m not sure why. Also, Another student at my high school got accepted in ED round 1, so this might significantly lower my chances although a student at w&l told me they evaluate applications on an individual basis.

I think it also depends partly on the profile of the student at your high school who got accepted in EDI. Are her/his stats better compared to yours?

well, i think he is kind of. He got a 32 in his ACT, while I got 1440/1600 in my SAT. He also took SAT subject tests–I didn’t. But I have better grades (still the same unweighted GPA though: 4/4)

Alright, I got deferred. Do deferred students usually get accepted later? or they just wanted to postpone my rejection?

At most schools, the vast majority of students who get deferred get denied later on (and basically no one gets straight up denied ED). W&L doesn’t shy away from denying people ED, though. I’ve seen many strong applicants get actually rejected. So I would say that they are at least convinced that you would have a chance, depending on the RD/ED II pool. My guess would be that you get a waitlist offer, and depending on the international yield/available financial aid you could get an offer eventually.

@AbdelHady Did you get in?

@Internl23 No, I got rejected, but I also got into Hamilton, Lafayette, and CMU and enrolled at Hamilton.