What are my chances for ANYTHING!

<p>Hey guys, sorry for the lack of search about what info should I be posting here, but here's my situation:
I'm a 18 y/o brazilian guy who finished high school in one of the best brazilian private schools we have here. But the BIG problem is that in brazil they don't really care at all about your grades and extra curricular activities. And basically, if you just did nothing at all in the 13 years of school, all you need to do is do well at the "Vestibular" which is kind of a SAT test each university does. And simply based on this test score, you're either in or out that certain Uni. I didn't have any interest in going to an amercian uni long ago, so my GPA is pretty low (>3.0), as all I needed to do is study for 6 months and get accepted in the best Brazilian Uni.
I also play tennis VERY well, but was not able to travel to compete due my low grades. Other than that, I don't really have nothing special to show them. Except I can pay for my whole tuition.
About the tennis, my friend is top 10 in the world in junior tennis rankings and we don't have a huge leap between each other. I think recording a video should be enough.
I haven't done the SAT already, but I'm pretty sure I can score 2100+. A friend of mine scored that and he isn't that smart at all.
My question is, which are the best colleges that I am likely/remotely likely to be accepted? Remembering the basics (> 3.0 GPA, 2100+ SAT, good at tennis)
I only gave you guys this info because as far as i know, it's the only info about me that would care. But I can answer other questions and accept other (possible to do) things that could improve my chances.

<p>“Except I can pay for my whole tuition.”</p>

<p>That, unfortunately, is the key here. So many schools, especially state schools, are out of money and willing to accept more int’l students to make up the deficit. </p>

<p>Some matches if you can get 2200
-Penn state

<p>Some Safeties

<p>Just to name a very few.</p>

<p>Before anyone asks, I am not a top 10 in the world level junior tennis player. I can practice normally with my friend, but when it comes to playing matches (which is what really matters) I’m no match for him.
As for what the “bubble” guy said (sorry man, pressed reply before copying your name), there’s virtually nothing you can do to get into a top 20 U if your GPA is bad?</p>

<p>Implying that I have a huge amount of time (yearS, if needed) and also patience</p>