What are my chances for Brown University ED?

I come from a REALLY competitive high school, and it does not do rankings (so I don’t know my class rank)
Weighted GPA: 101.6
Unweighted GPA: 94ish
Hopefully will be able to take the SAT this month, likely above 1500 which is what I have gotten on practice tests
Hopefully will be able to take Math II and Chem Subject Tests, likely above 700

Started my own club with volunteering
Vice Prez of volunteering club
Johnson & Johnson Internship
Hospital Volunteering (70 hours)
National Honors Society
Spanish Honors Society
Volunteered at YMCA
Worked at YMCA (Childcare) for aftercare and summer
Worked at other childcare place for aftercare

Freshman Year:
English 1 H
Geometry H
Basic Foods/Sculpture
Bio H
World History H
Spanish 2 (only offered CP)
weighted GPA: 100.98

Sophomore Year:
English 2 H
Algebra 2 H
Comp Prog 1/ Comp Prog 2 H
Chem H
US History H
Spanish 3 (only offered CP)
weighted GPA: 100.1

Junior Year:
AP Lang (exam score: 5)
Math Analysis H
AP Micro Macro Econ (scored 4’s on both)
Ap Chem (exam score: 3 lol)
APUSH (exam score: 5)
Spanish 4 (only offered H)
weighted GPA: 103.6

Senior Year (this upcoming year):
AP Lit
AP Calc AB
Some Art Elective Requirement
AP Phys 1
AP Bio
AP Spanish

Brown is my dream school!! I wish I could do shadowing or anything else because I want to major in Public Health on the pre med track, but with covid that is really difficult. If there’s anything else I could do to help my resume please let me know!!

Also I have letters of reccomendation from my AP Chem teacher, APUSH teacher, and AP Lang teacher.
I’m not sure if this is a plus but I’m pretty good at interviews as well.