What are my chances for Colgate?

<p>Im about to submit my app, what do you guys think of my actual chances for Colgate?</p>

Prelaw route...</p>

<p>Freshman year
Spanish I Hon-A
English I Hon-A
Algebra I Hon-B
Crit Think Hon-A
Spanish 2 Hon-A
Health -A</p>

<p>Sophmore year
AP World History,-A (3 on Ap test-i know sucks)
Ap Biology-A(3 again-i had a really bad fever and missed like the last two weeks of school so this was expected)
Spanish 3 Honors-A
Geometry Honors,-B
English 2 Honors -B
Drafting 2. -A</p>

<p>Junior Year (so far/ projected)
AP Chemistry-C/C (2)----------i hate chemistry
AP English Comp -A/B (4)
AP American History -A/A (4)
AP Government (TOOk ONLINE)-B (4)
Spanish IV Honors -A
Algebra II Honors(TOOK ONLINE)-B/B
Latin I (TOOK ONLINE)-A</p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule
Ap MacroEconomics ONLINE
Ap English Lit
Ap Statists
Ap Psycology
Ap Physics
Debate 1
My midyear grades will be all A's and one B(math)

<p>ACT-27 (29 superscored, i dunno if they do this though) will retake this saturday, im sure itll get a little higher
Wont send in SATs (610v 640m 650 w) SAT II-US History-740, and two other bad ones
W.GPA 4.9
UW GPA 3.65
Class Rank= 19/487, top 4%</p>

<p>ECs(by the end of high school)
4 years of Track (Captain Jr and Sr years, 3 varsity letters, 3 school records, made the state championships, all that good stuff)</p>

<p>3 years varisty Cross Country (Captain Jr and Senior year) , qualified for the state championships, named MVP for my senior year</p>

<p>2 years of being a Cross Country mentor to a local Middle School team (set up races, practices, etc.)</p>

<p>Finished 4th in my age group in the Naples Half Marathon (1:31:00)
Running 2008 Naples Half Marathon this december...
Founder of high school running club (VP Junior year, President Senior year)</p>

<p>2 years of jv/v school soccer
Competed in Spanish Mens Socceer league inbetween seasons
volunteer coach/CIT at county youth sportscamp
City basketball runner ups sophmore year
coached a youth basketball county team
Job at Country Club (18 hours a week)
Teen Court Volunteer
Mock Trial
189 hours of community service
3 years of FCA
2 years of NHS
2 years of History Honors Society</p>

<p>National Honor Roll
AP scholar with honor
Canidate for Lauerate Diploma (3 APs in 3 different subjects, 3.0 gpa, and you have to write a 5000 essay and present it to a panel)
11 AP classes by the end of graduation
Have taken 4 Online classes (2 AP)</p>

<p>I have been writing my essays for the better part of four months and i am confident that they are the best part of my application. If you'd like to read them, PM me. My recs are all great too...</p>


<p>bumping this up</p>

<p>if you're being recruited, you def have a good chance. the only thing that seems a little low is standardized testing, and they do not superscore at 'gate, but you have a lot of other great things to make up for that. i would say that you have as good of a shot as anyone!</p>

<p>unfortunatly i talked to the caoch, and due to the small size of colgate and the fact that track isnt a "money sport", recruitment doesnt really help in gaining admittance. I was, however, considering ED2. Would this help my chances considerably? im a little hesitant to do so though, because i cant afford to visit the campus. can anyone tell me what the campus/student life is like there? thanks...</p>

<p>hmm I would be scared to apply ED2 anywhere without visiting... your chances are higher if you apply ED2, but i would apply regular to a school if i've never visited it.</p>

<p>so regarding campus life, the greek scene is pretty big at colgate. it's pretty isolated, and i think like 96% of students stay on campus each weekend. colgate's in a tiny town that has a smaller population than the college. i stayed over on a friday night and had a great time.</p>

<p>Colgate has an absolutely beautiful campus and it is excellent academically, but kids still know how to have fun. The school has made a major effort to diminish the importance of the Greek scene and has largely succeeded. However, it is a long cold winter and very isolated. (you're from Florida, right) The school is your world, but it is very stimulating on both an intellectual and recreational level. Don't even think about applying there ED unless you've visited it and gotten a sense of whether the place is a good fit.</p>

<p>i just got my scores back from the december act and my new composite is a 29. does this change my outlook any?</p>

<p>i know colgate's average is a 31</p>

<p>You have a fair chance of being admitted to Colgate. Depending upon what interests you regarding Colgate, you may also want to consider Bucknell, St. Lawrence Univ., and Boston College. Your SAT scores are as good as your ACT results. Think about sending SAT scores as all sections are above 600.</p>

<p>mid 50% ACT composite range for enrolled students (source: USNews online, with lasts year's CDS as their source): 28 to 32</p>

<p>Colgate:</a> Profile of Class of 2011</p>

<p>For the class of 2011, the middle 50% is 30-33 according to the website above.</p>

<p>life-- that's for students who APPLIED, which is always higher than students who ENROLLED.</p>

<p>cJ1212---I remember reading your essays!! I'm rooting for you, good luck with everything! :)</p>

<p>fwiw: the stats in post #11 are for admitted students; stats for matriculating students will be slightly lower.</p>

<p>Hey...I got in with a 1240 SAT...i think u've got a pretty good shot...</p>

<p>would applying ed ii help seal the deal any?</p>

<p>umm i'm sure that colgate superscores and only looks at the best scores.</p>

<p>i'm pretty sure that colgate only superscores SATs... not ACTs</p>