What Are My Chances for Colorado School of Mines?

I am already certain I can get into my local university (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), but my reach school in a way is CSM. I want to get my Bachelors in Computer Science.


Grade: Junior
GPA: W-4.31 UW-School does not supply this information. How would I calculate this?
Rank: 45/358
SAT: 1390 (Math-690 Reading-700)
AP: Computer Science, US Government, Physics, Psychology, Calculus AB
Honors: English, World History, Biology, Chemistry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Economics


Member of Mu Alpha Theta, National German Honor Society, National Tech Honor Society, and National Honor Society
Human Resources Intern at a local Credit Union (Junior and rehired for my Senior year)
Cross-Country Freshman + Sophomore Year
Member of Student Council

I can supply my current unofficial transcript (void of any personal information) if there is any extra information necessary on there. I also did NOT study for my SAT and plan on retaking it over the summer or something if I need a higher score.

Thank you for any assistance! And I am a Colorado resident :slight_smile:

Hey how’s it going,

I’m from Colorado Springs as well. Feel free to PM what high school you go to :stuck_out_tongue:

You look solid for Mines. SAT might be a bit on the low side, but you seem to already be aware of that. Good luck!

You are a very qualified applicant. Your weighted GPA, rank, course load, and extracurriculars are all very strong. Your SAT is a bit above the 50% mark for CSM, which is good. I think you’re a very strong contender. Good luck!

If you show interest in CSM, get ready for 2 pieces of mail and 3 emails every week :((

Calculating your UW GPA - just assign A’s 4 points, B’s 3 points, etc. and then divide my the number of credits.

Computer Science is going to be more competitive so you might want to take the SAT again.

With CSM - you’ll want to apply within the first month they open applications. The do not use the Common App - they have rolling admissions - it was nice to find out early about admissions. They give merit based on your test scores (and maybe GPA?). My son got a good offer based on his ACT score and with in-state tuition, if he had chosen to attend Mines it would have been extremely affordable.

What you provided above looks good - retake the SAT and for sure go visit and show interest.

What are your courses for senior year? Assuming Calc BC, what science, statistics?

Your SAT math score, 690, is below the Colorado School of Mines average of 720. Try to get your math score up. Focus on studying math, before you retake the SAT.

You should look at applying to either U of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State in Fort Collins.
Both are stronger than UCCS in CS.


I think Mines is very strong for undergrads though in CS. Boulder gets a higher rank for PhD programs
in computer science and coming up the curve for undergrads in computer science.
Likewise, Colorado State is strong too. All of these schools offer more research in computer science
than your local UCCS.

Your GPA may qualify you for merit at both Colorado State and U of Colorado.
Mines offers some students about $5000 a year in merit, so less than the other larger public schools in our state.

UCCS is OK, but my least favorite option for computer science in the state of Colorado, for public options.
If you need to commute from home, to save money, UCCS may be best though.

You could consider UCCS than transferring as well, after saving money in freshman year, but I think the math
classes are much weaker at UCCS than Mines, CU or CSU.