What are my chances for Duke Early Decision?

<p>Hey everyone! I'd really appreciate it if you could read through my stats and provide me with your honest opinion about my chances. I'm applying ED to Trinity.</p>

GPA weighted: 4.4/5.0
GPA unweighted: 3.92/4.0
School doesn't do rankings, but I'm in the top 1% of a very competitive private/jesuit school in AZ</p>

<p>SAT: 2210 (740 M, 680 CR, 790 W)
Chem: 730
US History: 690</p>

<p>AP Courses and Scores
Psychology - 5
English Lang - 4
Chem - 3
US History – 5
Euro History – 4
Biology - 4</p>

<p>Senior Course Load:
AP Comparative Govt, AP Govt, AP Econ, AP English 4 (lit), AP Physics C, AP Photography, AP </p>

<p>Senior First Quarter Grades:
ALL A's! 5.0 weighted, 4.0 unweighted.</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars/Work Experience
Exec Board (Captain)/Head of Finance/Head of Public Relations for Varsity Robotics Team
Tennis Team (4 years)
Amatuer Photographer
Work over the summer in an Accounting Firm
Key Club
Calculus Club
AP Scholar with Distinction</p>

Essays are top-notch, AP Eng 4 teacher said they were some of the best she has ever read. Why Duke Essay very specific</p>

<p>Recommendations (both very very good):
- AP Euro/APUSH/AP Comp Govt Professor ive had for 3 years. PhD. Went to Duke as an undergraduate. I have an excellent relationship with him, one of the reasons I want to attend Duke.
- Robotics Moderator/AP Chemistry Teacher, known for 3 years. See him almost every day after school and have gone on various Robotics competitions and retreats with him. He knows me extremely well
- (I was going to do my ap photography teacher as an optional who I have known for three years, but I wasn’t sure if it would help and I was too late… )</p>

•State (if domestic applicant): AZ
•School Type: Very small class, school is very competitive (there was an application process to get in) (304 students)
•Ethnicity: Asian-American (Indian-subcontinent)
•Gender: Male</p>

<p>Additional Details
P.S. I mentioned i was top 1%. That was not opinionated, my counselor actually told me this personally after I asked him.</p>

<p>Hello? Anyone there?</p>

<p>You seem to have a decent shot. Keep your hopes up. However, you can never tell with Duke and the ivies. Also we had a 23% increase in ED applications so the acceptance rate will fall. Having said that I wish you the best !</p>

<p>In my opinion, all Duke ED applicants this year have a 24% chance based on the numbers!</p>

<p>Also, I was never contacted for an interview although my other friends applying Duke ED were. I sent my supplement on oct 18th. Duke said I can have an additional rec in place of it, and I did my photography teacher which i mentioned in my post (I know that this rec will be excellent as well), but do you think not getting an interview could hurt my chances?</p>

but do you think not getting an interview could hurt my chances?


<p>No. It's sometimes just luck of the draw as to who gets an interview and who doesn't. Doesn't indicate anything with regards to quality of the applicant. The interview is basically just another way for the admissions committee to validate everything else in your application. If your recommendations are solid, then there's nothing at all to worry about. Good luck.</p>