What Are My Chances for ED? Please Help!

Hello! What are my chances of getting into Bucknell’s Dual Business and Engineering Program with Early Decision?

Junior Year- 3 APs
Senior Year- 3 APs
FIRST Robotics Team President
300+ hours of volunteering
Girls Scout for 12 years
Completed Silver and Gold Award ( highest Girl Scout Achievements)
New Jersey Resident
3800+ person public high school

I assume you are a junior? If you have strong recommendations and a good common app essay, I would say your changes are very good. If you are taking AP Physics and Calculus and getting B+ - A in those courses, I would say your chances are excellent.

Question – I thought ED happened back in Nov/Dec. Don’t you apply ED in Nov or so and then find out before Xmas or so?

There are two ED dates. One is one the normal ED in November and the other is due at the regular decision application time