What are my Chances for Florida State University

Residency: OOS (Pennsylvania)
SAT: 1270
GPA: Unweighted 3.78
Clubs/Sports: FBLA, Students against Destructive Decisions, Varsity Tennis, JV Soccer, and a lot of work experience

Your Standarized test scores are a little low. Great out of school work.

@Schubby1 I am applying for the college of engineering. Do you think it is a better chance since it is an engineering school off campus? Or do you think I could get a possible acceptance to panama city?

Apply to both schools. What are your ACT or SAT math scores. I am planning as well to double major in biomedical engineering and Chemistry. if your math scores are above average then yes. If not, apply to a science major for a year, then switch to an engineering. major.

I don’t think the major you apply for matters, the strength of your stats and application is what gets you in regardless of the major you put on the application.
My D got in last year as a Pre-BioMed Engineering major. Passing the Cal 1 and Cal 2 and Physics (Chemistry for Biomedical Engineering) is what gets you in the engineering program.

@Schubby1 @chgoodie My SAT math score was a 660. Pretty good but probably average if not below for engineering. I did however get into UMASS and Pitt engineering but florida state is my number 1 choice. I really hope I at least get a seminole pathway offer

That SAT math score is not a deal breaker. My D was less than that and she got in.

You’ll likely get a summer offer. My D’s SAT was 1300 with a 3.9 gpa and she was offered summer. She’s doing fine now that she is in and doing the work. It’s not a cake walk, but if you do the work, you will succeed. She made Dean’s list this Fall even with hard math classes because she put in the work and the professors are very helpful if you seek out the help.

Those schools you got into are great. I believe certain programs have different criteria to be admitted into their personal program.

I applied for regular decision.

4.35 weighted
4.0 unweighted
34 ACT
1580 Sat
Applying for Chemistry
Today at 12:27 pm

Early decision

@Schubby1 i have no doubt that you will get in. If you are out of state you might have a chance at the fee waiver

What are your credentials sir?

@chgoodie what was your daughters unweighted and recalculated gpa when she applied for FSU and the end of her junior year? Is the 3.9 her unweighted ? If so what’s her weighted and her recalculated more importantly. Out of curiosity since she was accepted for Summer

The 3.9 was her FSU recalculated during the application process. She ended up with a little higher gpa number at the end of her senior year, but her acceptance was based on FSU recalculated 3.9. I think you should be fine.
Granted there is no predicting what happens during the application process and they are climbing up in the ranks so this year may be a little harder, but who knows.
They had over 60K applications last year and more than 7K student accepted their offer to attend which is more that the 6K they expected, so they may offer less this time to ensure they are not getting more kids than they bargained for again.

I would go to Pitt. Pitt has a better engineering program then FSU.

The problem is that our family will be moving so pitt won’t be in state anymore. My top four are FSU, UConn, umass, and umaine

So my daughter is OOS, sort of applied last minute, and received a Summer Offer.

What is the deal with that? Why do they offer the Summer start? Do they do that for people who they think are a little weaker on the scale? She is a 4.38 GPA, 4.0 unweighted, captain of two sports, all time leading scorer for basketball at her school, President of NHS, and some other stuff.

This is the first school we’ve come across with this distinction.

A little late to the thread, but they offer summer session to a lot of people. But keep in mind that FSU requires students to be in school at least one summer session anyway so that would be out of the way.

My daughter was offered summer session last year (2020) and has been nonstop ever since (she is taking summer classes now for the second year in a row). Her GPA was around 3.75, ACT 28 or 29 superscore.

Also, since you applied at the last minute that might be a reason as well. Sometimes fall session fills up and waiting around they could bump you to summer term.

did u end up getting in?