What are my chances for Georgia Tech

<p>I am a junior in highschool and two of my picks are Georgia Tech and Penn state. I live in sc and I have some family that goes to penn state.</p>

<p>My PSAT scores totaled to 223
Perfect writing 77 reading and 66 math ( I know it's bad but it's a fluke since 8th grade I've never gotten below a. 70)
Ethnicity: plan not to report since I heard it will make me compete against people of the same ethnicity</p>

<p>I havnt taken the sat yet</p>

<p>Freshman courses:
Biology honors
AP world -4
Physical science
American lit
German 1
Algebra 2

Ap stats
Brit lit
German 2
Ap computer science
Gov & Econ

Ap physics 100
Ap English 100 so far
German 4 100
Ap us history 100
Ap calc bc 89 (3rd quarter will be significantly higher due to curbs)
IB chem 83 so far hopefully goes up
Ap psych 90</p>

<p>Projected senior courses
Ap/IB German Sl
AP/IB physics C/HL
IB psychology HL
IB English HL
AP/IB chemistry Sl </p>

<p>I haven't taken the sat</p>

<p>I accidentally posted before finishing more senior courses:
Theory of knowledge
Ib Math SL </p>

<p>Not included:
Freshman year:
After school strings course
Online keyboarding
Junior year:
Early bed Theory of knowledge</p>

<p>All years:
Philharmonic prestigious orchestra ( repertoire includes college level music) get half credit each year</p>

<p>Extra curricular :
Boy Scouts:
Senior patrol leader (highest leader position)
On track to be eagle by summer
Member of the order of the arrow (boy scout honor society dedicated to service)</p>

<p>Red cross member hopefully leadership position next year</p>

<p>Part of national forensics league ( speech and debate)</p>

<p>Academic team member possibly captain next year</p>

<p>Nhs, interact club, Do both Hap Ki Do and Ai Ki Do, been to governors school summer program for cello, played for cello for 6 years now</p>

<p>If I forgot something plz remind me</p>