What are my chances for getting into Carnegie Mellon/UCLA/UC Berkeley

<p>My hs is very VERY competitive- API of 956
u/w GPA- 3.75
weighted- 4.1
SAT- (not taken yet around) estimating 2250-2320
Freshman year- Principles of Business, Lit, Geometry Enriched, Bio, PE 9, Woodshop 1, French
Sophomore year- Chemistry Honors, French 2, Algebra 2/Trig, World Lit, Marketing, History
Junior year- AP Chem, Pre-Calculus Honors, Lit Honors, American History, Photography, French 3</p>

Swimming varsity
Learning sanskrit
Volunteer at religious school (300+ hours)</p>

<p>More info-
In CA (might affect UC admissions)
household salary- $200,000+
Ethnicity- Indian</p>

<p>OP, take this over to the chances forum where they can help you.</p>