What are my chances for getting into UT Austin?


I am a Texas resident going into my junior year in the DFW area and I am looking at going to UT Austin for a computer science degree. I am not in the top 10% of my high school and my school does not rank those who are not in the top 10%. How will this affect my admission chances?

GPA: 3.8 UW/ 4.8:5.25W

SAT: 1800 no prep, looking for a 2000+ once I actually take it.

ACT: I probably won’t take it.

AP: AP HG - 4, AP WH, 5
I am going to take AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science, AP US History, and AP English 1 next year. I will most likely take 5 or 6 AP classes senior year.

I will be in band all four years.

I am a URM - hispanic.

Thank you for your time.


Of the 7,200 freshman who enrolled in 2013. 75 percent of them were in the top 10 percent of their class. That means 1,800 weren’t. Considering UT has about a 50 percent yield, let’s assume they admitted 3,600 kids who weren’t in the top 10 percent. You will have to stand out in order to be among those 3,600.

Do some reading about the UT process in the UT forum to figure out what they look for. The most important are rank and scores, but there are a lot of others.

Your SAT score is too low. What is your math score on SAT? I think you need at least 2000 to get I to computer science major. It is a very competitive major.

@Texaslavender I actually took the ACT in October. I got a 34E, 30M, 32S, 31R, 32C. I am still not ranked in the top 10%.

What major did you apply.

@bk1366 I am a junior so I’m going to apply next fall but I’m most likely going to be a CS or engineering major.

Since you have some time. With your good ACT score you have a good change. You should know UT Austin uses AT/ PAI formula to calculate your effective score that will be used to admit to Eng. All I can say, is take math AP courses (Calc AB/BC); Phy AP, Stat AP, etc Try to do some project during summer to show your interest in Eng.

@bk1366 I’m actually making an android app this semester, in English of all classes, that’s going to help people read the various music staves. It should be pretty fun and worthwhile. I’m going to take Physics C, Calc AB, and AP Stats (if Comp Sci III doesn’t make) next year as well.