What are my chances for Merced?

Hi, I was hoping someone could chance me for UCMerced?
3.2 GPA
1410 SAT
EC: VP and Head Engineer of a robotics club (4 years)(1500hrs/year) (Leader ship for 2 years)
Volunteering 20 hours/semester for 2 years


Creativity:Drones and how I built/fly my racing drone

Leadership/positive influence: I helped change the robotics club

Significant Challenge: My grandmother was ill and my mom left to take care of her I had to learn to take care of my self this affected my grades because it was also during peak robotics season.(Failed a class retook it got a B)

How you furthered an academic subject: How I learned programming by taking classes at Community college and applied it to make a website for my apartments where people can get info/data.

Letter of Commendation 1490/1520 PSAT (Messed up on the real SAT I didn’t practice for a really long time)
Certificate of Recognition from State of California Senate for finishing 1st place in La Regional Robotics competition.
Robot Design Award(First Lego League 9th grade)
Robot Winning Alliance (Ranked number 1)

Unpaid Internship designing a mini bot for a company that makes robots that people can control over the internet.

Intended major: Mechanical Engineering (of course!)
Location:LA/Southern California

Salary of both parents: 120k+
Education of parents: Masters and undergrad.

Also what do you think my chances for UCR/UCI are? Thanks!

You must made your way into Merced now…

@liam12342: OP was accepted to UCSC but rejected from UCM and UCR. OP has not come back to confirm where they are attending, but I am assuming they accepted the UCSC offer.
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