What are my chances for MIT?

<p>i'm a junior at a public magnet in nj and mit is probably going to be my first choice. what are my chances? </p>

<p>GPA (as of end of soph year)-3.83 Unweighted Unranked
SAT II Math IIC-760
AP's: AP Chemistry, AP Calc BC (junior year)
will take SATs in Dec. but got 1140 in 7th grade. : /</p>

<p>Classes: All Honors (listing sciences and math)
Frosh-Intro Chem, Intro Physics, Adv. Analysis I
Soph-Inter. Chem, Intro Bio, Inter. Physics, Adv. Anal. II
Junior-Adv. Chem, AP Chem, Adv. Physics, AP Calc BC, Molecular Bio I + II </p>

ISTF (Internet Science and Tech Fair): frosh year on medicinal carriers
TechXplore: soph year on robotics
Pirelli INTERNETional Webdesign Competition: soph year on Golden Ratio/Phi
Engineering Fairs: frosh and soph with AutoCad
Amnesty International: Action Committee member since soph year
Debate Club: Frosh
World Hunger Club: soph year, participated in 30 Hour Famine and raised enough money to feed a hungry child for 2 months.
Model United Nations: Delegate of International Court of Justice in soph year
Staff member of ICJ this year
Multicultural Taskforce: member since frosh year. Board member since soph year, duty of Communications
Unity: head of Unity program at school, presents topics about prejudice (esp. racism) at school orientation to raise awareness about prejudices still existing today. Organized group of 50+ volunteers to demonstrate in school this year.
Girl's Lacrosse: Junior Varsity Frosh year
Junior Varsity Soph year (Captain)
Violin: North Jersey Junior Regional Orchestra-7th and 8th grade
North Jersey Senior Regional Orchestra-9th + 10th (11th hopefully)
Viola: Orchestra - 9th, 10th, and 11th
Pit Orchestra-9th grade for "The Pajama Game"
BASQ (String Quartet)-Since summer of 11th grade
Graduation Manager for Concert Band at 2004 graduation</p>

<p>Honor Societies:
Tri-M Music Honor Society-11th
National French Honor Society-10th, 11th </p>

Public Library:...45 minutes :/
Camp Sunshine (summer program for mentally challenged kids and adults):
126 hours </p>

<p>More info: Came to US in 1994, citizen of China</p>

<p>I'm also interested in Cornell and Wellesley. I would love to go to school in the Boston area. </p>

<p>I'd appreciate all criticisms, comments, hints, help, etc. Thanks so much for your time!</p>

<p>in order to succeed, one must BUMP!</p>

<p>i'd like any input at all :/...i have one year to do whatever i need in order to demonstrate my strengths...any suggestions?</p>

<p>I bet nobody's replying because you're a junior, and it's not an immediate concern. Either way - you definitely need to boost your SAT score (7th grade scores aren't a good estimate anyway). Also, you have a nice long list of EC, but try to make sure you stay committed in several (as in a good 3-4 years)... because colleges won't really care much about "fillers".</p>

<p>If you can acheive a 1550s+ I would apply, as you will have about a 50-50 chance of getting accepted in. Also "Multicultural Taskforce" will fulfill diversity requirement, Head of Unity program will show leadership, and about 120 more hours of community service will put you in a competative pool.<br>
The thing that may hurt you is your GPA, coming from a NJ/CA magnet school, lack of AP credits and no-research outside school ,like doing research on a gene with a professor...etc. THose are things that you can work on in senior year. With all that you will seem in good shape.</p>

<p>thanks so much for the help! i'm more involved in MTF, Unity, lacrosse, and music above all other ec's. </p>

<p>ooh..i forgot to put that i volunteered for Alzheimer's Memory Walk 2004, which i raised money for and walked for. and also the Side-By-Side program with the North Jersey Philharmonic where I got to play with professional musicians at one of their concerts. This was all in the last month so I forgot to add it.</p>

<p>I'm taking SAT I in Dec, SATii Bio in Jan, Chem in May, and Physics in June..Bio's my best subject so i figure i'll try to get that done first. </p>

<p>The thing with independent research is that I only know of the ones in my school: bio, tech, physics, chem, engineering. Outside research with a prof. would be great, but i can't find one! :/...but i'm planning on doing bio research senior year since i couldn't fit it into my schedule b/c of string quartet. </p>

<p>Thanks for all the comments, even though i'm a junior :) I'll try to follow all the advice that you guys give me!</p>

<p>I have an advice for you, DON'T SLACKING OFF AT THE END OF JUNIOR YEAR, it'll hurt you in the future...that's what I had done, but hopefully I did learn from it and my grade is not that bad though it's not my best...</p>

<p>thanks for the advise, jzl... i'm such a procrastinator though..: (..</p>

<p>The summer between Junior and Summer year is crucial - don't just hang around watching the telly. Do something - get a job (those look pretty good), or even better: get a job that relates to the majors you're interested in. :) Good job for planning so ahead of time!</p>

<p>i'm trying out for governor school and seeing if i can do precollege over the summer if i don't get into governor school. any suggestions?</p>

<p>bump for elaines b/c i <3 her</p>

<p>one more time? haha...:P</p>

<p>Unfortunately, MIT is very selective and I'm pretty sure you either need 4.0 unweighted, 1600s on the SATs, around 800s, and perfect ECs (national or international awards + valedictorian + internships or research projects). But I'd say you should try, you have a better chance than a lot of juniors.</p>

<p>yes..i will definitely try.
btw...which will be harder for me? cornell or ucb? both rd.</p>