What are my chances for Northwestern or UChicago? BS/MD 6 year program

I know it’s very early, but I just want to know if I’m on the right track with some advice please!

I’m just a sophomore but I want to know if my freshman year was successful and if my “planning/preparation” is good enough for bs/MD 6-year programs and undergrad. My goal is to major in biology or chemistry. (something in the med field)

Indian Male

GPA: 4.075(W)out of 5-----3.8(UW) - Freshman Year (Sloppy first semester) and rebounded with all A’s second semester
Class Rank: N/Aout of over 1100 kids(number 1-2 high school in the state)
Possible GPA by the time I graduate high school
4.3(W) 3.85-3.9(UW)

PSAT: 1200 (Just started prepping for SAT)

SAT Subject Tests: College Board Test 1250

Freshman Year APs: NONE- School did not allow anyone to take AP classes as a freshman
Upcoming Sophomore AP Classes: Computer Science Principles
Upcoming Sophomore Honor Classes: Geometry Honors, PLTW Honors (Engineering)

Junior Year - Expected to take 3-4 AP classes
Senior Year - Expected to take 4-5 AP classes

ECs - Freshman Year - VEX Robotics – I was the team designer, we won the design and judges award at State and World Championship
Swimming JV team
Sophomore Year- Most likely doing Debate, Service clubs, and a Pre Med Club
VEX Robotics
Swimming JV

Community Service: 25+ Hours Library Work
PLANNING: Physician shadowing(150+ hours next 3 years), feed my starving children(50+ hours next 3 years), blood bank helper(50-100+ hours next 3 years)

RESEARCH STUDIES: Planning - Chicago Medical School RIBS programs next summer
biomedical science
others most likely

I know its early but I want to know if I’m on the right track for these schools

FAR reaches - Harvard, Brown, Cornell
Reaches - UChicago, Northwestern
Matches- UIC

GOAL = UChicago or Northwestern

Am I on the right track to get accepted (I know everyone’s chances are low)

Just based on acceptance rates it’s going to be from hardest to easiest.


Thank you
Do you have advice for me?

From what I have seen of the BS/MD acceptances, the GPAs have been pretty perfect, with weighted at 4.7 or 4.8 and unweighted pretty much 4.0. There is a BS/MD group on this website for you to check for yourself. Advice from physicians has been not to rush through med school.

SAT subject tests are out of 800?
If you wanna major in chem or bio i’d recommend doing chemistry or bio olympiad (not sure if bio exists).
I think you’re definitely on track tho but ur likely gonna change jnterests so keep that in mind. Just have fun in HS!