What are my chances for Occidental College?

I am considering ED II to Occidental after realizing I will not be able to attend LMU or Chapman due to financial circumstance. Occidental was one of my top choices and I planned on applying EA but they didn’t have an option. Anyways these are my stats:

GPA: 3.67
SAT: Highest 1300 (although on my most recent one I got a 1230 which I feel like it can negatively impact me because I am required to send all scores)

Extracurriculars: Here I lack, but because of family responsibilities, which I made known in my common app and the essay.
-Recreational Filmmaking, 7/hrs a week, 40 weeks/ year

Intended Major: Media Arts and Culture

I am applying OOS, I am a hispanic male and have an EFC of 0, if any of this helps.

Do I have a good chance of getting in if I apply ED II