What are my chances for Stony Brook? please help

<p>Im a senior in high school just finishing applying to schools. I have a Gpa of bout 3.5-3.6. I received a composite score of 25 on my ACT. My Sat score is a 1630. 610 Math 540 Reading 480 Writing and i am waiting on test results which are hopefully much improved. i have taken a numerous amounts of AP courses and done fairly well on them My EC's aren't too great but i just want to know what you think my chances are of getting into the Computer science program at Stony Brook University.</p>

<p>I know SUNY Stony Brook is being more hard on applicants recently. Your GPA should be in the range, but your SAT should be more towards 1220/1600 range. I was talking to the dean of admissions for Stony Brook and he gave me those ranges, so that might help.</p>

<p>ok thank you that really helps me out</p>