What are my chances for Stony Brook University

Is there any chance I can get into SBU?

I would really like to get into SBU but I believe my chances are pretty slim if not none.

I have a 3.26 (weighted) gpa

I’ve take one ap in my sophomore year and am taking one this year

I don’t have much job/volunteer work

With one more chance at taking the SAT is there any chance I can get in with say good letters of rec, solid college essay, high SAT score or should I look to apply elsewhere.

You’ve maybe got a small outside chance if you get a test score above their 75th percentile (1420/32) and do everything else perfect. It’s worth a shot, but you need a realistic safety and match just like a kid with a 4.0 would. Good luck!

not impossible but unlikely on gpa and rigor. residency could play a part. Per the CDS, residency matters. Are you from NY?

Yes I live in NY approximately 45min drive away from the university.

Typically when a school says residency is considered, that means in-state. It’s in the CDS. I actually found links that said - SUNY prefers out of state. One never knows.

As long as you have some safeties, go for it and good luck. You’ll end up at a great school whether it’s SBU or otherwise.

What are you hoping to study? Your major could make the difference between “long shot but possible” and “no way.”

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