What are my chances for the Ivys? HYPS

<p>Hey, id like some feedback on my chances at Harvard, Princeton, Stanford... (and maybe Yale).</p>

<p>Im also applying to UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, but an Ivy would be nice :)</p>

<p>I realize my test scores arent top notch, but I am African-American so i have that minority and "Historically Disadvantaged" thing going for me. Harvard actually sent me a packet encouraging me to apply since im a minority, and they had a little pamplet of pictures of old white harvard men crowded around Queen Latifa and giving her an award for something (which i thot was interesting/hilarious lol).</p>

<p>SATI: 1450: 760m, 690v</p>

<p>SATIIs: 760 Math IIC, 750 Chem, 640 writing (I re-took and will retake again)</p>

<p>GPA: Unweighted: 4.00
Weighted: 4.20
Rank: 4/403 (But the three people ahead of me have honors credit for a class that isnt recognized as honors by colleges...or by UCs atleast)</p>

<p>My Highschool is a very good public school in the Bay Area, California</p>

<p>APs: Statistics- 5
Chemisty- 3 (my chem class was honors, not AP)
will take Calc AB, Biology, and Physics B APs in may</p>


<pre><code> -Elected 2004 California Boys' State Attorney General (got to meet Ahnold)
-4years Football: Starting Varsity Runningback and Linebacker
-2years Varsity Wrestling
-1 year of Varsity Track, Sections competitor for Triple Jump (will likely compete again)
-Track Captain
-National Ventures Scholar (scholarship thing for minorities interested in science/mathematics)
-Recognized as a participant in the National Achievement Scholarship Program (means my PSAT score was in the top 5% of African-Americans nationally)
-Awarded "Most Rushing Yards" award for football in 11th grade, and "Most Improved Offensive Player" in 10th if that means anything.
-paid Civil Engineering Intership for the Metropolitan Transportation Committee over the summer
-Ive done a few volunteer things, but everyting together adds up to about 11hrs of volunteer work
-paid Chemistry, PreCalculus, and Physics Tutor for students at my highschool and a neighboring highschool

<p>What do ya'll think my chances are? I know the Ivys are a push, but im pretty sure ill get into UC berkeley and i dont think id take any school over Berkeley other than an Ivy or Stanford.</p>


<p>really really really good chance, id say</p>

<p>edit: ahh youre in ivy lol.. damn AA</p>

<p>lol really? I knew being an AA helped but i didnt know it helped THAT much</p>

<p>You should have a good chance at all the schools you mentioned. </p>

<p>That being said, make sure your recs and essays are excellent. Every bit helps. Anyhow, just my 2 cents. Hope this is of use. Good luck. :)</p>

<p>Hmm thats good to hear.</p>

<p>Anyone else have an opinion?</p>

<p>how far to you jump for triple jump?</p>

<p>well... it was my first year and i started mid-season AND i only practiced it about 3 times all season because my main event (or atleast I thot) was the 400m (i just tried TJ at a dual-meet one day mid-season and got 1st and things went from there). So with that said, I jumped 41ft 5in. This year, im gonna do lots of squats in the offseason and focus only on TJ so it should be alot better. Hoping 45+ ft.</p>

<p>dawg u r in at princeton and stanford</p>

<p>yale and harvard r beasts tho just so unpredictable even if you are a minority
apply to penn/dartmouth u will be automatic at those 2 for sure</p>

<p>i have similar stats just a higher SAT score, equivalent EC involvement (more on the community service side tho, like 1500 hrs), and have been told im pretty much in anywhere i apply</p>

<p>btw that attorney general thing sounds ill what exactly do u do?</p>

<p>good luck with everything</p>

<p>Do you know what Boys' State is? Its the program hosted by the American Legion... each state has one... anyways, most High Schools from each state select 1 boy to go to it (in other words, i didnt have to pay any $$$ :) )... there ended up being like 955 Boys at California's Boys' State </p>

<p>... then basically its a 7 day camp where you re-enact the state government ... first people run for City Office, then County Office, and then on like the 2nd or 3rd to last day, all the crazy people run for State positions :) ...and thats what I did. The most competitive speakers usually try for Governor so i knew i had no chance there, and Attorney General sounded good to me so i went for it.
Long story short, i had to give a speach infront of my party (primarys... about 500ppl)... won that...then another speach infront of all 1000 guys and some state supreme court guys and eventually I got voted Attorney General. ...then the 8 or so of us who were on the Governors Council (like the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State etc) got a private visit to see Mr. Schwartznegger. Hes funny as hell. We took a picture, he cracked some jokes, told us some stories, we shook his hand and that was it.</p>

<pre><code> Dont get me wrong tho, im not a fan of Govt or Politics, but I heard it looks pretty good on college applications, plus it was pretty fun because for that 1week, we were entirely encharge of the government :) ...it ended up being a lot like Lord of the Flies

<p>anyone else?</p>