what are my chances for the UC and the Ivy League?


<h1>of Ap Classes: 7</h1>

<h1>of Honor Classes:7</h1>

<p>Class Rank/size: 65/1022</p>

<p>Sat Scores: 2200
Satii: 800
Satii: 780</p>

<p>Ap Scores: 5 On 5 Test
4 On 2 Test</p>

-national Forensics League Member
-city Youth Council Memeber
-unicef Student Body Vice-president Member
-debate Captain</p>

-league/region Debate Champion
-debate State Qualifier(ranked 20 In State)
-national Forensics League Qualifier( Ranked 42 In The Nation)
-catholic National Forensics League(ranked 23)
-imo Quaterfinalist</p>

-teachers And Counselor Are Very Familar With Me Since Freshman Yr</p>

<p>Addition Info
-junior This Yr
-senior Next Yr
-mom Developed Cancer In My Fresh/soph Yr, That's Why My Grades Went Down.</p>

<p>Community Serivce
-600+ Hrs
-volunteer At Temples Every Sun And Saturday
-help Homeless Ppl</p>

<p>Can I Get Into These Colleges:-
-uc Berkeley
-uc La
-uc San Diego
-uc Davis
-john Hopkins

<p>Also, What Other Colleges Do You Think Im Am Qualified To Be Accepted To. Open For Any Other Suggestion. Thank You</p>

<p>People who want to be "chanced" for the UCs need to tell us whether they are California residents or not.</p>

<p>Also, why post a thread at 6:17 PM and then the same exact thing in a new thread at 8:33 PM?--just bump the original if you don't get any replies after a day.</p>

<p>One last thing--do you have any legacies at any of these schools and are you a URM?;--other than that, thanks for the very comprehensive listing of GPA, test scores, and activities.</p>

<p>-uc Berkeley: match/reach
-uc La: match
-uc San Diego: safety
-uc Davis: safety
-stanford: reach
-john Hopkins: match
-usc: safety
-northwestern: reach
-brown: reach
-columbia: reach
-cornell: match/reach</p>

<p>What I want to know are your essays. I don't have a clue about you, so I'm probably not in a position to give you accurate chances.</p>