What are my chances for these colleges?

I’m going to be a senior in high school and I really want to get into these schools! I’m really nervous about being accepted so if anyone could tell me if I have a shot that would be so helpful!

Emory, Tulane, southern Methodist, university of Miami, university of San Diego

Weighted GPA 4.6
SAT 1360
8 AP courses

Tutor for three years
Hopefully a Tutor Leader senior year
Secretary of Spanish Honors Society
National Honors Society
Pep Club-3 years
DECA-1 year
Volleyball- 2 years

Work as a tutor/receptionist at after school job
Babysit as after school job

Community Service:
Aid a Sunday School class at my church

Graduated from “Greek School”
Did Kumon for 6 years

On honor roll for Spanish all 4 years
95th-99th percentile class rank

I’m sorry, but I really do hope you won’t list Kumon as an EC lol. Also, 1360 would put you about the 25th percentile at Emory and Tulane. Might want to work to bump that up. Study in the areas that you specifically struggled with. It’s easier to bring up a low score than bring up a high score. Every point makes a difference. Also, you want to have main interests and try to have all your ECs tie to them. Like maybe specify what you tutor and how that helps your hopeful major, or talk about how you maybe want to travel to Spanish speaking countries and that’s why you have a strong interest in the language and culture. Work on trying to find a central theme. If you can bring up your SAT, strengthen your ECs by tying them into one or two specific interests, and write killer essays you’ll have a fair chance.