What are my chances for these schools

University of Connecticut - top choice
Penn State
Rutgers New Brunswick
University of Pittsburgh
University of Massachusetts
Boston University

<p>GPA (weighted):
Freshman - 3.2
Sophomore - 3.3
Junior - 3.9
Senior - 3.9 (in progress)</p>

<p>Class Rigor:
- About half honors classes
- 1 AP junior year (chemistry)
- 3 AP's senior year (English, Bio, Calculus AB)</p>

SAT I - 1790
CR - 580
Math - 650
Writing - 560</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
- 3 years habitat for humanity
- 2 years stand club
- 1 year leo club
- 4 years soccer
- 3 years track winter & spring
- 5 years guitar</p>

-I am confident with my writing skills and should be able to write a good essay.
-I am applying for Chemical Engineering. Is this a hard major to get into and does it make me more or less likely to get in?</p>


<p>Bump again:</p>

<p>also, what about drexel, temple, and st. josephs?</p>


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<p>Everything looks good, but your GPA could use a tad bit of improvement. If you can truly secure this 3.9 weighted in Senior Year, then you're in a good spot. Your EC's are solid and show you are committed, you're taken a rigourous course load, and your SAT score (equates to 27 on the ACT), should be OK for most of these schools. Overall, don't fret, you'll get into at least half of these schools.</p>

<p>What state?</p>

<p>I'm from NJ</p>

<p>can anyone give me a school by school prediction?</p>

<p>Can Anyone Respond?</p>

<p>what was your choice for your major at uconn?
-uconn yes, 80%
-penn state, very competitive. i would put you right at the 50% line
- umass yes, 90%
- BU, 50-60%, very tough to get into
- syracuse pretty good shot, 65%</p>

<p>thanks, and my major for all of them is chemical engineering</p>

<p>very competitive for that, still have a pretty good shot at uconn.. hope this helps.</p>

<p>CMBE</a> | UConn</p>

<p>Mr</a>. McMahon Entrance Theme - YouTube</p>

<p>Is it really that hard to get into the chemical engineering major at UConn?</p>

<p>So your average GPA for all 4 years is about a 3.5-3.6, right? Assuming that is true:</p>

<p>UConn - good chance with your grades, SAT scores are a bit low but I think you'll get in
Penn State - might be a bit tougher since they are more of a stats school. 2/3 of the decision is based on GPA, but yours is pretty good, so you stand a good chance
Rutgers - in for sure
University of Pittsburgh - i think you should be able to get in. SAT is right on track and everything else seems to be good
UMass - in for sure
BU - this might be more of a reach, but more like a high match/low reach
Syracuse - i think this is a match for you. SAT scores seem to be good, grades a good, and you have good ECs. i think you'll get in !</p>

<p>University of Connecticut - High target
Penn State - reach (as for everyone)
Rutgers New Brunswick target
University of Pittsburgh match
University of Massachusetts match
Boston University high target
Syracuse target </p>

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<p>I think ^^ is confusing Penn State (not a reach for everyone) with the University of Pennsylvania(a reach for everyone).</p>

<p>thanks, my GPA year to year is
freshman - 87 (W)
Soph - 88 (W)
Junior - 94 (W)
Senior - 94 (W) so far</p>

<p>My overall GPA for frosh-junior:
3.46 (W)(89.67)
Schools usually add a quarter of your senior year so
3.5 (W)(90)</p>

3.9 (W)(94)</p>

3.633 (W)(91.33)</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>its not that its hard, its just more competitive. the easiest way to get into uconn to to apply for ACES, which is their undecided program. from there you can choose your major down the road</p>