What are my chances for UC Berkeley, Cornell, and UT Austin?

Hello…I won’t waste any of your time with a backstory so here are my stats

SAT 1:2310(800 Math, 790 Writing, 720 Reading)
SAT 2:Math lvl2(770) Physics(750) Biology(760)
ACT: 28(I only studied for a week:( ap tests were the week before) I doubt I’ll be submitting this
AP:CompSci(5), Physics/APUSH(3)(I had terrible teachers), English 3(2)(English ain’t my first language)
IB: My school does not offer any
GPA:4.2(Weighted) like a 3.8 unweighted(Freshman year exempted)
Rank: 14/196(My school is really really really competitive in academics)[again exempting freshman year] 89/196 including freshman year
Senior year classes: AP(Bio, Chem, Macro/Micro, Govt, Calculus, English Lit) SRD(Research), CS2

Note: I only had 2 years of spanish b/c I wanted to focus on math and science:)

Extracurricular: BPA(President), HOSA(secretary), Desi club(not for long), drama club, Academic UIL(Computer science 7th, Mathematics 8th)(i didn’t study for UIL)
Volunteer: 900+hrs helping disabled children and like 4hrs at a local TV station
Work: none
Income: ~170k(and we just started a business)

My computer science teacher thinks very highly of me and we are really close so I’m pretty sure he will write a killer Rec, but unfortunately all my other teachers do not like me very much. I have no clue what my guidance councilor will write, guess ill just have to wait and see.

I show a huge uptrend in grades, went from all C’s in freshman year with mostly regs classes to all A’s in AP classes in Junior year:)

I think your grades are a little low but should be fine, and your test scores are fine. I would work on the ECs and make them more in depth. I think Cornell and Berkeley would be low reaches. Chance me back please?

Major? Cornell will be difficult since it’s an Ivy and they’re all reaches. Your SAT is good, but GPA is below Ivy average. If you are from Texas, UT is safety, if not, it’s a reach, since it has a 4% acceptance for OOS

What makes you think you can exclude freshmen year? Although it is not as important as the other years, it still factors into your GPA and does matter.

However with your scores and your upward tred, I believe you have a good shot at top schools like you posted. Good luck.

Yeah I’m a resident of texas, actually UTSA is my safety and I get auto admit:)

Doesn’t California exempt freshman year from cumulative GPA and Rank calculations? and the only reason i exempted it is because the only school from that list I really really want to go to is UC berkeley, the other 2 schools is just like meh…if I get in I’ll go

I want to major in computer science or engineering which is why I’m a bit iffy about applying to UC berkeley

For auto admission in Texas, it depends on your school rank which likely include your freshmen year. In other words, your class rank of ~45% would not get you auto-admission. You better check with your HS for the way they calculate the class rank. You do have a great upward trend, however, the auto admission policy does not consider that.

Calculate your UC GPA: http://rogerhub.com/gpa-calculator-uc

As an OOS applicant, you can only use AP classes from 10-11th grades toward the extra honors points for the calculator. Also make sure you meet the a-g course requirements for the UC’s, since your application will not be considered if the requirements are not met.


You have an excellent SAT score and your GPA looks competitive. EC’s look good with leadership positions. Write some great essays and you have a very good chance for an acceptance. Since your parents are starting a business, will they be able to pay $55K/year for UCB with little to no financial aid available to you as an OOS student? At the minimum, expect to pay $23K/year + EFC, but with family income and the business, you will probably be close to full pay.

Yes I am aware, I think there was a small misunderstanding…I meant that I have auto admission for UTSA which is top half of your class and SAT above 1100:)

I’m pretty sure I will be able to pay. Does being able to pay full tuition change my odds of getting in?

Also I used the GPA calculator and it would only allow me to put in 8 honors classes when in reality I took 9 not including pre-ap. But anyways my GPA came out to a 4.06!

Paying full fees at the UCs doesn’t guarantee admission.
With just two years of foreign language compared to peers that have taken 4 years, places you at a disadvantage.

The UC’s cap the amount of AP/Honors classes at 8 semesters for applicants in their GPA calculation.

Yeah UC’s don’t look at freshmen year. I would definitely look into UCLA also since UT Austin relies heavily on rank and yours might not be the best. Being able to pay full tuition will (in my opinion)) help significantly at some of the schools you are looking into. Ethnicity/Race as well as ability to pay are definitely taken into consideration at many top schools.

UC’s do not consider Ethnicity/Race in admission decisions.

@Shade635 OOS honors courses don’t count. Only AP courses for OOS will earn an extra point.

Yes, at the end of Senior year I will have a total of 9 AP credits… For AP courses do you have to pass the AP exam to get the extra points?? And does UC berkeley take dual-credit?