What are my chances for UCLA?

Kind of a long story, so bear with me. I’m a college sophomore at a community college as an Economics major. I’ve looked up their stats and the 25-75% range is 3.7-4.0ish. I have a 3.53. However, I have a special circumstance that occurred during my stay at my community college. I achieved a 3.55 for my spring semester of freshman year, however, I was the first one to find my dad unexpectedly passed away on the couch the day I was supposed to take my first final for that semester. The school allowed me 1-2 weeks grievance and let me take their tests later. Took summer courses to try to keep my mind busy, and boosted it up to a 3.7. However, I did horribly my fall semester for sophomore year and it dropped to a 3.53. I don’t have much extracurriculars: worked part-time (20ish hours/week), some clubs, and received Dean’s List (not sure if that’s even important). I would say my essays were decent; I mentioned my dad’s death and how I coped/still coping with it, and my college counselor said it was sensitive/moving/and sort of uncomfortable to read because I went so in depth into what happened. I’m on track to receiving all A’s in major prerequisites and bumping my grade back up to a 3.66. Will they take this circumstance into consideration, and do I even have a chance at all?