What are my chances for UC's?

<p>I am going to be a senior next near, and I was wondering what my chances are at these schools right now (interested in economics/accounting, except at cal poly SLO):</p>

Cal Poly SLO (enginnering)</p>

<p>UC GPA: 4.25
Unweighted: 3.85
SAT I: 1970 (taking again in October, hoping for 2000+)
SAT II's: 700 Chem, 720 Math II (taking math again in November, hoping for 750+)
AP: Chemistry and Language still pending</p>

<p>Courses for senior year:
AP Microeconomics, AP Calc AB, AP Physics, AP Lit & Comp, and French.</p>

Cross Country/Track: 2 years (junior and senior year)
CSF member
60+ hours at local health clinic
Around 140 hours of volunteer work (feeding homeless, city wide cleanups, etc.)
Orchestra from 4th grade to 9th, so 6 years.
Piano for 7 years
Got the Advanced Level Certificate of Merit for piano
(Can't think of anymore right now, but theyre probably all useless anyway)</p>

<p>Notes: Asian American, NOT the first to attend university in my family, NOT economically disadvantaged, and I live in California, and I think I only have 40 a-g courses. (this is the part that I think will hurt me quite a bit).</p>

<p>Only at formulaic schools like UCSD will those 40 a-g courses not hurt you necessarily, but would probably not benefit you much. Your UC GPA is very good, your SATs are competitive( although your prob. working on making them even more so), and your SAT 2s are solid. Have you completed level 10 CM( not sure what advanced means)? You cannot claim to have 6 years of orchestra unfortunately, because you did not take those years in high school. It would have been a good idea to stuck with it too, rather than quitting the end of freshman year.<br>
As of now:
UCLA: Reach- E.Cs are too plain to be considered at this school.
UCSD- High Match- Raise your SATs and you should have a good chance.
UCI/UCSB/UCD-Match- Solid chance for each. Good Luck.
USC:Low Reach: E.Cs don't stand out enough.
Cal Poly SLO (enginnering): Low Reach, with 2100+ SATs or close, maybe high match.</p>