What are my chances for UCSC?

I live in California and attend one of the more competitive high schools in the bay area. I’m applying to the UCs and UCSC is my top choice. I want to be a lawyer in the future.
Here are my stats:
UC GPA: 3.5
New Sat (1420/1600) Taking it again in november
SAT II US History - 620
AP Human Geo- 3 , APUSH-2, AP Chem- 2 (sucks I know)
Commended National Merit Scholar

I’m applying as a feminist studies major and my alternate is Literature. I’m the activities coordinator for a club at my school and I’m in our school’s speech and debate club. I’ve won numerous awards in speech and was in DECA for two years. I graduated from our language school a few years ago and am currently a preschool teacher there. I was the youth representative for my city’s arts council for two years and I’m an active member of the principals advisory committee at my school. I also did track for three years, and won many events, and will continue it this year.

Your SAT score of 1420 is above the 75th percentile while you UC GPA is below the 25th percentile. Since UCSC does not admit by major, I think you have a decent chance especially with your EC’s. Best of luck.

It is worth an ap but, probably not. UCR and SDSU are good alternates.

I honestly think you have a strong chance. I plugged your stats into this rogerhub UC chance calculator and got this result:

Overall analysis: Holy smokes!

In comparison to previous applicants to UC Santa Cruz, you are an extremely qualified candidate for admission. It’s clear from your SAT score and your GPA that you have been working very hard in the academic areas of your life.

Sounds good to me!

rogerhub UC chance calculator is not very accurate.

With SAT score of 1420 is above the 75th percentile (1380) & UC GPA is below the 25th percentile (3.70), UCSC is low reach school. (25% /75%+)

For more inform about chances calculation, see http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/discussion/comment/20899446#Comment_20899446