What are my chances for UF oos.?

What are my chances for UF? I am out of state. My stats are good but my ECs are bad
act: 35
gpa: 3.9, 4.5 weighted
aps: taken 15 ap classes
awards: ap scholar, national merit, 2 outstanding student awards from school clubs
ecs: state qualifer for debate, math tutor, member of orchestra, camp counselor at a few summer camps, national honor society, did a few volunteering clubs but only for 9th and 10th grade, no officer positions


I think you have an excellent shot. Especially because applications are down this year to UF. Although a little difficult, in state students have generally been able to take the SAT/ACT this past COVID year so UF has not gone test optional, which I am guessing has affected oos applicants the most.

Good luck!

Applications for UF are actually up. They announced in Nov. But your stats are great!