What are my chances for UMich?

Currently a senior with UMich as my top choice. I’m applying out of state to the college of engineering and thinking about doing early action, depending on what I get on my SAT. Right now my GPA is a 4.23 weighted and 3.78 unweighted and taken 9 ap classes so far, not including the 5 i am taking for senior yr. My extracurriculars aren’t bad, currently VP of my latin honor society, 2 internships involving mechanical engineering, part of the same community service club for 9 yrs, part of a leadership workshop staff, and on varsity tennis. I’m curious as to how good are my chances at UMich, considering I get in the middle 50% for SAT. Also is it worth applying EA cause I feel I can get good grades senior yr that’d help my application, but im not sure.

For this cycle I would apply EA. Look at the Michigan admissions site since they will use other factors to evaluate you if your Sat doesn’t come in time. Many are deferred to RD so that will give you the extra time if needed. Make sure your essay is solid.