What are my chances getting into a UC medical school from a CSU?

I currently go to Cal Poly Pomona and my GPA is 3.95, my science GPA is 3.92. I am wondering if I should stay or transfer to a UC for my last 2 years of undergrad. If I score well on the MCAT and keep my GPA up is there a chance I can get into a UC for medical school? Also, what are my chances for schools in the east coast? Thank you!

The majority of California Medical school applicants end up at out of state Medical schools since the competition is fierce for the in-state Medical schools. Going to a UC will not give you any special advantage in attending a UC Medical school except for UC Riverside since they offer the Thomas Haider program. You are doing very well at CPP so stay put and continue getting excellent grades and ace the MCAT.

Stay at CPP. Check that you have ECs - shadowing doctors and surgeons, helping in a research lab, helping at a clinic or RAM… Plus anything you live to o beside medically related activities (what makes you interesting?)
If you have a free elective, take a bioethics class.