What are my chances getting into Chesire Academy, Deerfield,Promfret,Hamden Hall,etc.

i am a hispanic female. I'm in 8th grade. I really want to go to one of these schools!
my grades:
6th ; was very bad. i had As and Bs ( i didn't take it seriously. which I regret! )
7th ; HORRIBLE ! 1st semester I had one C+ and the rest were As and Bs and the rest of the year they were As and Bs. ( I thought i was too cool and was hanging with the wrong crowd! )
8th ; i have definatley matured. I only got 2 Bs one was a B+ and the other B the rest were A- , A's. I got first honors which meant that my average is a 90-93.9. </p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities;
- Soccer been playing on premier since I was 8. I've been playing in a higher league ( for example i should be on U-13 and i'm playing on U-15 ) i am very passionate about soccer. i wanna play varsity when i'm a freshan (i think i could handle it )
-I do community service. i help with the hispanic chapter. i help at a soup kitchen and at the animal shelter.
- I play softball ( 5 years )
I would like to try other sports too. </p>

<p>If i went to deerfield,Pomfret i would board.
but I really want to go Chesire Academy or Hamden hall the rest are back ups.
Also i will be taking the SSAT in January and my interview is Friday the 15th ( i'm hoping it will go good!)
also if you can tell me what i need to score on the SSAT to atleast have it help</p>

<p>*Also if I get a 91 on my next report card i will be on national junior honor society and i'm on newspaper and yearbook.</p>

<li>I also want to apply to Berkshire,NMH and if you you know any other good schools in the east coast feel free to tell me. thanks !</li>

<p>helllo? D ; </p>

<p>I'm really desperatee and need to know if I have a chance at being accepted at one of these schools !</p>