What are my chances getting into Georgia Tech

<p>Here are my stats:
I' m a Hispanic male
I have will have taken 11 AP Classes all together during my High School year
AP Human Geography-2
AP World History-4
AP Physics B-3
AP Lang-2
AP U.S History-4
AP Spanish-4
I'm Currently taking AP Biology, AP Literature, AP Government, AP Econ, and AP Stats
I got the AP Scholar with Honors as a Junior
I have taken either all gifted and AP classes throughout high school ( except for a few classes such as Anatomy)
My current gpa is a 3.4
My SAT score is really low, 1430, but I'm planning to take it again on October and November. Hoping to get at least a 2000
Taken SAT Subject tests
U.S History: 680
Math II: 540
I have been in band for 4 years
I didn't do much Freshman year
Sophmore year: I did Key Club and and Jazz Band
Junior year: I did Key Club (became an officer) did marching band ( takes a lot of time) and Pep Band
Senior Year: I did Key Club ( Officer) Did marching band (again it takes great commitment) and became a section leader :D, I joined beta club, and Juntos Club
I can't remember any thing else right now. I really want to go there. I need honest opinion please.</p>