What are my chances? GPA (unweighted): 3.28 SAT: 1460

I have a 3.28 unweighted gpa for my sophomore and junior year and my SAT score is a 1460. I am living in Massachusetts. Sophomore year I took only one honor class and junior year I took basically all honors and AP Chem. Senior year I’m taking three AP’s (Calc AB, Physics C, Music Theory) and regular classes (psychology, spanish 4, english). Other info: I went to a korean internation school for my freshman year.

These gpas and sat scores are the averages of the students who got accepted at my school. How much of a difference in GPA is considered a lot?

ME 3.28 1460

UMass Lowell 3.01 1177
Purdue 3.38 1307
UMass Amherst 3.42 1304
Northeastern 3.45 1317
Boston University 3.47 1332
Tulane University 3.5 1364
Boston College 3.58 1362
Emory University 3.61 1395
UC Davis 3.66 1317
UCLA 3.74 1410

The UCs emphasize grades over test scores, so your chances are minimal there. Also, no financial aid for out of state students.

From Mass Amherst on (arguably Purdue too) those are all reach schools except if you apply for CGS at BU in term of GPA and SAT scores. Of course, I don’t know enough about your school or ECs to make a complete judgement. But if I were you I would look for more match schools.

@sunflowerlover Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m thinking of majoring in biochemistry. Are there any schools you would recommend that would be a match school for me? Thanks again.

My first thought was Syracuse University, also Rutgers University–I would check the average admitted student from your school’s scores and gpa at both of those schools. Maybe also University of Maryland College Park and University of Delaware? Also, keep in mind that biochemistry is a major where typically the accepted student with that major has higher scores/gpa than the average, like business/engineering/nursing majors because it is more competitive. Best of luck and no problem!

I think that UMass Lowell is probably a safety. I would call UMass Amherst a low reach. I think that you have a chance there since you are in-state. Purdue you seem to have a decent chance but I don’t know it any better than you do. The rest look like reaches that are likely to be unaffordable unless you are okay being full pay, except that IMHO the last three are trending towards “bleak”.

@DadTwoGirls I see. Thanks for being straight up with me : )

@sunflowerlover thanks for all the help!