what are my chances guys?

<p>Hey guys i need some help... I'm gonna be a senior this year and i wanna know my chances of getting into Rowan Univ, Univ of Delaware, Univ of Rode Island, Quinnipiac and Stockton</p>

<p>GPA: uw-3.34 w-3.68</p>

freshman year: honors english
soph year: honors english & honors history
junior year: honors english, honors history, honors italian, AP government and politics
senior year: honors english, AP macroeconomics, AP psych, honors italian</p>

freshman year: JV soccer, varsity bball
soph year: varsity tennis, varsity bball, varsity track
junior year:varsity tennis, varsity bball, varsity track
senior year: varsity tennis (captain), varsity bball(captain), varsity track</p>

italian club
yearbook club
TV club
peer leadership</p>

<p>helppp pleaseee :(</p>

<p>Quinnipiac is a safety. I've barely heard of any of the other universities hahaa but I'm sure you're a match for them too!</p>