What are my chances? Harvey Mudd, Olin, Cooper Union

<p>Gender: Female</p>


<p>Math 720 (I know it's low)
Reading 730
Writing 780</p>

<p>SAT IIs</p>

<p>Math 700 (retaking in January)
Physics 670 (retaking in January)
Spanish 730</p>

<p>GPA </p>

<p>4.74 weighted out of 4.00</p>

<p>Rank 1 / 370</p>


<p>lots of art stuff
internship in electrical engineering
some other science ec's

<p>HM and Olin are very particular sorts of places and ‘fit’ - the hard-to-define quality - counts a lot at both. HM is looking for females so your chances there are improved. Olin depends a lot on how you fare at the weekend visit.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input!
Yes, I’ve also been hearing that about HM. We shall see…</p>

<p>I think you could get into Cooper Union. Not sure about Olin cuz i dont know much about it.
And not sure about Harvey Mudd but you seem like you have a good shot</p>

<p>Thanks a lot! What do you know about Cooper Union, though? I was under the impression that it is just as difficult to get into as HM.</p>

<p>What is your Unweighted GPA?
I know a family friend who’s son got into Cooper Union and his stats were similar to yours.</p>

<p>My unweighted is 4.00</p>

<p>Cooper Union may be a bit tougher because they grant admission on merit. They have like a particular formula that they use that heavily influences the adcom’s decision. It strongly takes into account SAT,GPA, and class rank</p>

<p>Your SATs are terrible, but females have a 50% acceptance rate at HMC so you’re in.</p>

<p>I think you have a solid shot at all of them, especially if you bring up your subject test scores. And I wouldn’t worry too much about your SAT math score. I got into HMC with a 720 and a 2120 overall. I think your ECs look pretty strong, so that should help you.</p>

<p>UPDATE: 800 math 2 and 740 physics
Candidate for Olin!</p>