What are my chances? Help!

<p>I know time is running out, but I'm reconsidering everything I've established and have decided to shoot for better schools than I've been aiming for. I need honest opinions to shorten my list. (want to major in environmental science)
Florida resident
Senior in hs.
Very low income
Single parent household
First gen
I attend a title 1 school
unweighted gpa 3.3
Weighted gpa 4.3
Class rank is like 33/411 (top 10%)
SAT 1980
ACT 30
Beta club president for two years
Academic a team president
1 year of debate club
I've taken 8 AP classes (4 this year)
10 years of classical piano
5 years classical guitar
70 Volunteer hours at smithsonian marine station
Been working part time since tenth grade</p>

<p>Ok so here are some colleges I'm just looking through. PLEASE let me know my matches and reaches and what may be reasonable</p>

<p>Middlebury college, university of Colorado boulder, fort Lewis college, Whitman college, reed college, Cornell, Colby, swarthmore, Oregon state, st Lawrence.</p>

<p>I also need to know if it looks likely that I'd receive good financial aid at any of these schools. I'm very low income and can't afford too much.</p>

<p>Any other colleges I should check out?
Thanks :)</p>

<p>Bump. Help :(</p>

<p>I don't really know anything about most of these schools, but Cornell is a reach with your stats. Your SAT and GPA could be higher, but low income, and first gen will both help you greatly. Do you have anything you're extremeley passionate about (env. sci, music ?) that you could convey in your essays?</p>

<p>you've got an alright rank in the fact that its on the lower side of top 10%. But overall, your application is very nice. Did you do anything in your clubs? Make sure that stands out. I wanna see if u get into cornell</p>