What are my chances? How can i improve?

<p>I am a currently a junior, in a public school in New York City. I am above the average of my class. Throughout middle school I was in the top 3 rank. Since Freshman year in high school, I am part of the honors program. I want to major in Biology and in the pre-med track.
I have taken the AP World History in my sophomore year, in which i received a 3.
Currently, I am taking AP US History, and AP English. I am also the vice president of the Junior Class. I also have 200+ hours of community service from an elementary school that I volunteer at. I recently started volunteering at a nearby hospital. I am in the leadership class. For next year I plan on taking AP Biology, AP Economics, AP Psychology, AP Calculus. I am taking my SATs in June, and my Sat 2s in May. Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Also I attended a summer class at Harvard and received 4 college credits, does that have an impact on my application? Cornell is my dream school, so what should I improve?

<p>The Harvard thing is good, they like to see that you are academically active over the summer break. Make sure that you do well on your CR and Math section as well as your SAT II's, try to break 700 on the SAT's in each subject and 750 on the SAT II's. Your course load seems to be good. The volunteering at the hospital will help you out on you essay (it's usually about why your attracted to science and what have you done to become the best you can be at in the field you want). The only recommendation I have is do a sport but it might be too late to do that, it won't break you for not having one it just helps. Also more leadership positions wouldn't hurt.</p>

<p>Youre not getting in</p>

<p>Well, for one thing, you need to be much higher than the average of the class and you need to get AP scores higher than 3, definitely.</p>

<p>The harvard summer school thing does not help you as much as you think it does at all</p>