"what are my chances?" I know you guys are tired of this but please help

<p>haha here goes the infamous "what are my chances?"
I am a white female, middle class living in a college town. I go to public highschool where it is very competitive. (15/300 kids are applying to Yale early decision!)
I am a dual citizen of New Zealand and America. I live with my dad, my sisters and mom will/do live in New Zealand. (sister and mom are in process, one sister already does)
I have a learning disability but decided against extended times on tests.
GPA: 3.55
1st time: 670V 630M
2nd time:660V 630M
(I may take it a third time, I have this medicine problem right now and I am getting better stuff)
SATIIs: 760Writing, 610French reading, Math 1C pending</p>

<p>ECS: Horsebackriding (7 years)
Volleyball (5 years, two varsity letters)
Piano (on and off since i was 7)
Tutor innercity kids
Teach an 8th grader french
Bandfront (3 years) But a lot of people do this in my school
Aids Initiative
No real leadership (plbbb)
Won some honors in Horseback riding, French. Im infamous in my school for always reading.
I've lived in both New Zealand and here, I think this will give me some edge.
I am a decent writer but I plan to research LDs and the psychological aspects of them and perhaps teach kids with LDs (not special ed though)</p>

<p>My schools are:
REACHES (a big reach!)
UPenn (dad works there, mom went ot med school there)
St. Johns College (Md)</p>


St. Michaels</p>

<p>Oh and I forgot my classes
9 grade:
Science H
English CP (normal)
French 2H
Math IMP1 (intergrated math) CP
Latin 1H
History H
French 3H
History H
Math IMP2
Math IMP3
Latin 2H
Bio H
English CP
History H
English H
Math IMP4
Chem H
Human Geography AP
French 4H
Latin 3/4H (its one class)
T.V. production and photography
English A.P.
Physics H
History H
French A.P.
Creative Writing
Field Career (when I teach kids french)
Functional Analysis (precalc)
Health (i didn't have enough gym credits)</p>


<p>Was UPenn your first choice? If so, and if you haven't already applied there early decision, it's a shame. With two connections there, your chances would have been exponentially better.</p>

<p>Regular decision for those schools, I'd say slim chance for UPenn and Tufts, not sure about any of the others.</p>

<p>Tufts and Upenn are major reaches. From what I know about Syracuse you have a great shot there.</p>

<p>yeah i don't want to go upenn but my dad's making me apply
tufts doesn't have much to offer for me in the area of majors etc so i won't be crushed if i don't get in, but i loved the campus</p>

anymore ideas anyone?</p>

<p>bump, im anxious i only have a few more days to apply! cmon!</p>

<p>UPenn (dad works there, mom went ot med school there) - even though your dad works here at Penn, I have to say this is a major, major reach (read: probably not gonna happen)
Tufts (closer reach than Penn is, but still a reach)
St. Johns College (Md) (closer to a match than a reach IMO)</p>

<p>Moderates (in at all):

<p>Safeties (in):
St. Michaels</p>

<p>So, I say you're probably in at all but Penn/Tufts. You go to Strathhaven?</p>

<p>um do you?</p>

<p>Naw. But I grew up in the area and you listed Swarthmore as your home town. LOL I currently go to Penn. </p>

<p>I was just surprised that you said Strath had that many kids applying to Yale ED.</p>

<p>lol it may not be 15 but a ton are, we have a really smart class supposedly. </p>

<p>anyway i think i won't apply to penn, especially since i don't think i'd go there even if i miracously got in.
im hoping for hampshire and beloit, thanks everyone for your advice.</p>

<p>heres my new list for schools, please help:
Bard College</p>

Saint John's College (Md.)

Saint Michaels</p>