What are my chances? If there is any..

<p>I'm currently a sophomore going to SUNY Albany with a substantial amount of community service and extracurricular. My work experience is 3 years as a camp counselor. I'm trying to get into one of the big 4 accounting firms. Although I'm at a fork in the road debating if I should remain in SUNY Albany or try to transfer else where to better my chances for a job/intern offer. The classes I toke over the years were</p>

<p>Semester 1 (3.88)
Oceans: A
Microeconmics: A-
Psychology: A-
Business Law: A
Project Renaissance: A
Semester 2 (3.86)
Cinema: A
Macroeconomics: B+
Statistics: A
Sociology: A
Project Renaissance 2: A
Semester 3 (4.0)
Natural Disasters: A
Cultures of Latin America: A
Survey of Calculus: A
Financial Accounting: A
Computer Applications in Business: A
American Politics: A</p>

<p>Currently my GPA is 3.92</p>

<p>My decision is if I should consider transferring into stern (although not sure if it's worth the tuition or if I were to get accepted) or other business schools or should I just remain in SUNY Albany since I heard it doesn't really matter which school you go to for accounting as long as it is accredited, unlike investment banking where you need to graduate from the top b-schools to even be considered</p>

<p>Therefore should I try my chances at other schools for a better shot at one of the big 4 accounting companies or should I just keep up what I'm doing and I'll be fine ?</p>

<p>Thank you for your time ! Please provide some comments :)</p>


<p>The college GPA looks really good so I think you may have a shot but
are you willing to pay that much? Because NYU is not quite well-known to be generous with their financial aid. But if $ is a huge issue, transfer elsewhere to colleges that are more generous with the money. My sister got into Stern as a freshman but the money was still wayyyyyyy too much to pay. Luckily, she got in somewhere else better.</p>

<p>that is true. not sure if its even worth forking over that tuition or just save that for grad school. thanks ! buuump !</p>