What are my chances?? I'm new at this!

<p>SAT I: (2310): CR: 800, Math: 800, Writing: 710 (10essay)
SAT IIs: Bio-M: 630 (took in 9th grade), World History: 800, Math lvl II: 800, US history 790
APs: World History: 5,(took this year: Calculus AB, Language-Comp, US History, stats)
GPA: 5.1/5.4 with toughest courseload possible, 4 aps this yr, 5 senior yr school does gpas weird
Rank:top 5%</p>

School Newspaper: School Newspaper 3 yrs "in depth editor"</p>

<p>Swimming: did club swimming for since 5th grade, Varsity swim team for 3 years, team won county championships/league championships for a couple yrs, i made state qualification cuts and got the scholar athlete award </p>

<p>Violin: since 4th grade, was concert master in 9th grade, part of the school's chamber orchestra, got a 94 on my allstate audition (NYSSMA) orhcestra got "gold with distinction" award at NYSSMA</p>

<p>French Honors Society: 3 yrs, treasurer</p>

<p>Academic team: 3 years</p>

<p>Science Reserach: i was accepted at my school's science research program, one of the best in the country at intel, school tied for first a year ago with 12 semifinalists and 2 finalists, doing a research project over the summer on theoretical physics with a professor at the nearby university(this guy mentored 5 semifinalists and a finalist already), will enter in westinghouse, intel sts, and others</p>

<p>I started a class where I tutor a group of 8th grade kids once a week for free (my counselor recommended that i do it so she could put it in her rec).</p>

<p>I'm a certified lifeguard and i work at the highs school pool about 6 hrs a week.</p>

<p>So far I donated approx 600$ to two orphans in southwest china to pay for their education. I have a legitimate contract with the local chinese government and I received a letter form the mayor of the village. The region is heavily involved in the drug trade and these two girls' (ages 10 and 11) parents died bcuz of aids(needle sharing). I got the money from stuff i saved up over the years and all the income i get from lifeguarding. I've been doing this for many years now and this summer i am going back again to film a documentary about the situation to spread awareness and inspire others to help out. My uncle works for a chinese newspaper and his boss was so impressed with the idea that he offered to let me use a professional film crew. I will write my essay on this.</p>

<p>Other stuff:
psat 225
I got 3rd at this schoolwide invention convention thing but it's prolly too small to mention
Scio: 4 yrs
I'm a teachers assisstant at a local bible camp for two summers
I've volunteered at a local soup kitchen for 3 yrs
Definitely gonna get an awesome rec from my guidance counselor and at least decent ones from my teachers
CTY over the summer</p>

<p>State: NY
School Type: Public, Grades 10-12, very competitive, a lot of kids go to the top schools (last yr 8 at yale)
Ethnicity: Asian-American
Gender: Male

<p>Chances at...
NYU stern

<p>someone pleasseee respond</p>

<p>Yale: 60%
Princeton: 60%
Upenn: 70%
Columbia: 70%
Cornell: 90%
Georgetown: 75%
UChicago: 70%
Duke: 65%
NYU stern: 80%
Emory: I don't know.
Northwestern: 70%</p>

<p>Good job! :)</p>

I don't understand how chance in UPenn can equal to chance in UChicago</p>

<p>anyone else???</p>

<p>UPenn: 7th
UChicago: 9th</p>

<p>Why not.</p>

<p>Ranks or prestigiousness don't mean anything in terms of admission chances.
Different colleges look for different kinds of students.
Does that mean Cornell will accept more kids just because they are well below 20th?</p>

<p>Yale: 30%
Princeton: 30%
Upenn: 40%
Columbia: 35%
Cornell: 55%
Georgetown: 75%
UChicago: 70%
Duke: 45%
NYU stern: 80%
Emory: 75%
Northwestern: 60%</p>

<p>gotta love the swimming. if u can get recruited, reserve your dorm in northwestern, NYU, UChic, Cornell, Georgetown. Err... not recruited. But 'enticed'</p>

<p>800 world history badass dude i get like 750 /bow</p>

<p>My god... You could write a book with those stats. You have a good chance at almost any of these schools, most of em look predominetely look at stats anyway.</p>

<p>i'm going to start a school club next year with a little help from my counselor. focusing on raising money for the china aids thing. i'd b the pres/founder. would that help a bit?</p>


<p>bump? umm i got into uchicago and GU EA...sent applications to HYP, Columbia, UPenn, Williams</p>

<p>I say you get into all of them.... if you write a good essay that is heartfelt and memorable.. i mean lik going beyond the 'facts and figures'.. but i say also one of the essays if not both need to relate to why you need to go to university... what you will bring.. ie. social activism.. awareness... leadership etc. </p>

<p>i am a little off put by how you said you did something ur counselor told you to so she could put it in the letter... the letters need to be personal and the way you phrase that activity it seems u just do it to pad the resume not for personal benifits or helping others.. and the adcom will see through that if that is the case... but u are well rounded and i say u have good chances.. too bad your asian though (I am too.. well half) and that might hurt which is too bad... but good luck</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/440363-chance-another-canadian.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/440363-chance-another-canadian.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>o yeah, and i got 5s on eng lang, stats, us history, and 4 on ab calc :(
idk how much ap scores matter though</p>