What are my chances in these new ivys? Please help!

<p>This is my info:</p>


<p>-6 AP Classes (got 4s and 5s on all)
-Rest are mostly honors
-top 20% of class at least </p>

M: 750
CR: 680
W: 670</p>

<p>Three SAT II's (700 and up on each)</p>

<p>-National Honor Society
-Long Island Residence
-3 Varsity Sports ( 2 for four years; includes captain spots, coaches awards, and MVP's ) throughout high school career (swimming and tennis.. I dont know about getting a scholorship for them though)
-Lots of community service, internships, etc.</p>

<p>-Assume essay and teacher recommendations are strong.</p>

<p>These are the colleges I am considering (please indicate reaches, matches, and safety)
- Georgetown U
- Boston College
- George Washington University
- MIT (math is my favorite subject by the way)
- Carnegie Mellon U
- Penn State University Park
- Notre Dame U
- Cornell U
- Brown U</p>

<p>PLEASE PLEASE RESPOND! thanks in advance.</p>

<p>If you were me, what college would you choose out of the list i gave?! opinions pwease</p>

<p>sorry i forgot to fill out GPA</p>

<p>unweighted: 92
weighted: 97</p>

<p>I would suggest you add safeties, schools you will definitely get into. Penn State is a safety, so that's good, but all the other schools on your list are high matches/reaches IMO. Personally, I would want to have 3 or 4 schools I have a really good shot at so that I have choices even if I don't get into my higher choices. BC, GWU, and NDame are matches. The rest are reaches. Good Luck!</p>

<p>In at Penn State, CMU & GWU. Cornell & Boston college are likely to admit you.</p>

<li>Georgetown U - Match</li>
<li>Boston College - Match</li>
<li>George Washington University - Match</li>
<li>MIT (math is my favorite subject by the way) - Reach</li>
<li>Carnegie Mellon U - Match</li>
<li>Penn State University Park - Match</li>
<li>Notre Dame- Match</li>
<li>Cornell U - Low Match/Reach</li>
<li>Brown U - Reach</li>

<p>Gabzilla- no way georgetown is a match. A definate reach. Unless the proposed major is underwater basket weaving or something sooo random that no one wants to major in it.</p>

<p>same with notre dame....its avg scores and gpa are higher than lower Ivies....its a reach</p>

<p>Scores and grades are a tad low for Ivies and near-ivies, but you're in at Penn State and GW and probably in at least one of the following: ND, BC, G'town, Brown, Cornell, CMU.</p>