What are my chances into getting in CSUF

Weighted Total GPA: 3.2
Weighted Arcad: 2.9
Weighted GPA (10-12): 2.8
SAT Scores: 1060
Major: Marketing

Are you in the local service area?


CSU’s admit by Eligibility index and major.
First calculate your CSU/UC capped weighted GPA.
Then plug in your calculated GPA and SAT score into this formula:

(CSU capped weighted GPA x800) + ( SAT Math + EBRW). An EI of 3800+ can be competitive.

i do live in the local service area

Being local gives priority but not a guarantee for admission. Since CSUF is an impacted campus, the requirements will be higher.

Here are the averages for 2018 Freshman:
CSU GPA: 3.68
SAT: 1127
ACT: 22

Make sure you have some non-impacted campuses on your list as backups.