What are my chances into NYU?

GPA W: 3.807
GPA UW: 3.57
AP Classes Taken: 7
Honors Classes Taken: 13
Extra community college business class (Passed with 100%)

SAT/ACT: Didn’t have a chance to take due to COVID.

Indoor Track 1 Year
Outdoor Track 1 Year


Created my own clothing brand with over 200 successful sales and customers
Created my own entertainment company / club with 20+ members

YMCA 30+ hours (2 years till COVID)
Food Center: 175+ Hours (3 Years till COVID)

Selected class representative for State History Day
Worked as a financial manager for a Chinese restaurant

What are my chances? Does ED2 help more than RD? Thanks!

The pool of students reviewed during ED is smaller, therefore chances are a bit higher. It also shows upfront commitment to the school, what all colleges would appreciate. However, you should carefully consider the binding aspect and financial implications of ED.

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I think that you have a fair chance at NYU if you can show all your many achievements effectively. I have spoken to admissions officers and what they mostly look for is leadership experiences and if you can basically hold your own. ED definitely helps since it shows them your full commitment towards them - which is something that can bump up your chances. However, I would say to definitely consider what ED actually means since in the case that you are offered admission, you will be required to withdraw from all the other schools you’ve applied to and attend NYU.
A great part of your application is also your essay, so definitely put in a lot of work on that!

Good luck!

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Are you applying for financial aid? Keep in mind that NYU is notoriously stingy.