What are my chances into UTSA?

I just started my senior year yesterday and the time is here to apply for colleges. I have a 3.9 (or more) weighted gpa and I want to major in civil or electrical engineering. I have 100 community service hours and I graduating honors at my high school. I’m top 9%. National Honor Society. Hispanic. I had an ok SAT score of 1520. I’m retaking in October just to raise it a lot more. What are my chances of getting in?

Out of state? If you’re in state then I believe you are an auto admit since you’re in the top 10%. If OOS, well your SAT is about average for UTSA, so you’d definitely have a shot. If you raised it to a 1650 then I would say you have a pretty darn good chance. That shouldn’t be too hard if you study! Good luck!

I’m a resident of Texas.

Then all you gotta do is stay in the top 10%! But raising that SAT will give you a shot at some merit scholarships. You’re in good shape right now though, just keep up with your grades.