What are my chances - IUPUI

I’m a high school senior who just applied to IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis). I didn’t do many extra circulars but have decent grades and ACT. I want to know my chances at acceptance to IUPUI as well as potential financial aid.

Location: Tennessee
Income: 35-40K
Ethnicity: White
Family: 3 siblings, all at home. Neither parent attended college.

GPA: 3.8 Weighted. 3.4 UW
ACT: 31
AP: AP Human Geography, AP Lang, AP Seminar, AP Psychology, AP Research, AP Literature
Rank: top 40% out of 580

Extra Circulars:
Tutored two elementary girls in English (20 hrs)
Part time job (20 hrs/week)
Volunteer (2009-current)

Major: Psychology.