What Are my Chances Junior


Targets and Safeties: UIUC, George Washington University, Marquette, DePaul, Loyola Chicago, American University

Reaches: Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Boston College, Northwestern, U of Chicago, Boston University, Northeastern University

I also plan on applying EA for most of these that have that available if not EA than RD, applying for financial aid, and scholarships

Major: Political science

Demographics: White Male first-gen immigrant (not sure if I’m a first gen student cuz my dad went to college in europe and my mom didn’t go to college and some websites say first gen students are people who have no parents who went to college in US but clarification would be cool)

Hook/personal essays: My family is Albanian, they won the immigration lottery during the Albanian Civil War in 1997, my whole life is based on the luck of immigration. I want to work in politics and make life easier and more achievable for immigrants. Make the American Dream my family got by luck, able to be gotten by more people. (Not to be so preachy lol) State: Illinois

GPA: 3.84 unweighted 4.38 weighted

Most recent SAT Practice with Khan Academy: 1270 (620 math 650 reading)

AP test scores so far: AP Human Geo 5, AP World History 4

dual-credit: Dualcredit Spanish at Eastern Illinois University, honors classes every class available for core classes, along with some electives

Courseload: Freshman Year: 3.83 UW/4.25 W Honors Written and Oral Communication A A Honors Geometry B B Honors Biology A A AP Human Geography A A required art course Graphic Design A A Spanish 2 1st semester A Moved up to honors spanish 3 second semester A (All available APs and honors for my grade level)

Sophomore Year: 1st semester 3.71 UW/ 4.14 W 2nd semester 3.85 UW/4.31 W AP Seminar A A Honors Algebra II C B Honors Chemistry A A AP World History A A Criminal and Civil Law A A Personal finance semester 1 A Personal auto semester 2 A Health Class A A Second Semester in Summer micro internship A (All available APs and honors for my grade level)

Junior Year (so far) 4.0 UW/4.92 W AP Lang A Honors Precalc A AP Physics A AP US History A AP Government A Dual Credit College Spanish A (All available APs honors and college classes for my grade level)

Senior Year (subject to change) College Speech and Composition AP Calc AB Advanced Space science 1st sem Food Science 2nd sem AP Euro AP Psyche AP Spanish (All available APs honors and college classes for my grade level)

I hope my math progression helps also, I got a C as my math teacher was Islamophobic and my family is Muslim and Christian but got it to a B 2nd semester and got an A now in Junior year

Extracurriculars: Jewel Osco Courtesy Clerk
Debate team: 9-10 (also foreign affairs research chair for 10th grade).
Speech team 9-11.
Scholastic Bowl 9-11.
Student Principal Advisory Council member 9-10
All of the following 2020-2021 political experience (don’t get political this is for democrats all around but just want a chanceme)
Field director and political director for a senate primary in Iowa
Head Field Organizer (only paid one) for a congressional primary in Wisconsin,
Field intern for a congressional race in Illinois (received school credit for this) and did it for several more hours,
Field organizing intern (paid) for a state party in Iowa,
High-ranking member of a new organization called the United Rural Democrats being a state director for Illinois, secretary, and a board member.

Any questions let me know! Thanks!

For AU at least, you’re pretty on par for the average admit. Your practice SAT is low, so you might want to go test optional.

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