What are my chances, Mixed Engineering/Liberal Arts

<p>SAT: CR 750, Math 710, Wr 700
SATII: BioE: 710, Chem: 740, MathII: 730
Euro 5
Physics B 4
Stat 5
Eng lang 5
US Hist 5
Sr classes
Comp Sci AB, BC Calc, Physics C, Eng. Lit, Philosophy (college level class)
GPA: 90.0</p>

<p>Debate Team C. of Rhetoric [4 years]
Chess Team [4 years]
Bridge Club VP soph and sr, Pres jr [4 years]
Knowledge Bowl [2 years]
Classics Society [1 year]
Varsity Swimming jr. sr.
JV Swimming fr. soph</p>

Cornell (CoA&S), Johns Hopkins, RPI, UMich (engineering), Swarthmore, Harvey Mudd, Vanderbilt, Rice</p>

<p><strong>any advice would be reciprocated</strong></p>

<p>Although your overall scores look pretty good, your math/science scores are a tad bit low for HMC. They will not necessarily frown at a 4 on Physics B AP test but it is definitely not going to help you. That coupled with non 780-800 SATII math/science scores and 710 SATI math makes HMC a slight reach. </p>

<p>I'm sorry if I am being a bit harsh. I'm just telling you what I think by the numbers. I would encourage you to apply to HMC anyways because it is an absolutely amazing place and <em>maybe</em> you'll get in. :)</p>


<p>Agree for the most part with the previous poster. Your SAT and SATII scores are pretty good, but I think that your GPA will cause you problems. On a 4 point scale, your GPA becomes a 3.6 and my guess is your class rank is between the 10th and 15th percentile. On that score, Harvey Mudd is definitely a reach. So are Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Rice, and Swarthmore. Vanderbilt is a high match, UMich a match, and RPI a low match/safety. I suggest you add a few more good, but less selective schools to your list.</p>