What are my chances of acceptance for these schools?

White male
US domestic citizen
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Competitive highly ranked public HS
Legacy at BU

Intended major for Wake forest and Lehigh: Economics (arts and sciences)
Intended major for Clemson and Penn state: Business
Intended major for Syracuse: Finance (second choice econ A and S)
Intended major for Miami OH and Elon: Economics (business), second choice econ A and S
Intended Major for BU: General Studies

GPA: 3.6 (W), no class rank, in fifth decile (top 40-50% of class)
4 APs, 2 passed AP exams (attempted just the 2)
1320 SAT (680 math, 640 english)
9 honors/accelerated courses

Earned awards in Future Business Leaders of America, business seal of excellence (award only at my school),

ECs: Volunteer fire department (150+ hours by time of application), summer camp counselor, member of future business leaders of america, member of political discourse club (was an officer in 9th grade), boys soccer team, boys lacrosse team, grounds crew member of golf course over summer

Essays: considered strong by all readers, I wrote all optional essays for every application

Not many cost constraints, will not need very much aid. Money not an issue


Penn State (ea)
Miami OH (ea)

Elon (rd)
clemson (ea)
syracuse (rd)

Wake forest
(all rd)

Please help me out, I will appreciate any honest intake. I have already been accepted to Miami and Penn State so I will not be concerned with any brutally honest answers! Thank you

I think you nailed it.

I’d say Elon is likely but would have been a yes if EA.

Then Syracuse.

Clemson to me is a reach - because you’re in the 5th decile and 80% of their kids are in the top 2 - but your score holds weight there - so you never know.

I think your reaches are all high reaches.

You’ve got great acceptances already!!

Good luck.

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Thank you for your intake, I did indeed get rejected from Clemson but they got a ton of applications this year so I am not that surprised. If you don’t mind, do you know the applicants situation or general admission trend for the rest of the schools I still have to hear from? I know Lehigh is trying to expand its student body and will probably accept more than usual if I am correct, but anything else you might know. Once again thank you so much for your help and words of luck.


I guessed (right) on Clemson.

I can’t imagine with your rank you’ll get into Lehigh - it’s tougher than Clemson. Even if they expand, they won’t necessarily dilute. But again, only they matter, not me.

You’re already into two fantastic schools - don’t worry.

Good luck.

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