What are my chances of admission to Amherst College

Hi everyone.

I’m a rising senior and I’d like to know how you think my chances for admission at Amherst are shaping up. Any tips are appreciated. For clarification, I’ll be a freshman in college for the fall of 2016. I go to a small public high school in a small town in Rhode Island.

Academic details: So far, I have a cumulative GPA of 3.95. I’ve taken AP courses since my sophomore year, and i’m taking 4 for my senior year. My GPA will likely go up because AP courses are weighted at my school.

As of right now, I have a combined SAT score of 2030. I’ve taken it twice. Reading 710, Math 610, Writing 710. I plan on taking the SAT again (as well as subject tests and the ACT, to see which I do better on) fall of my senior year. I know Amherst requires SAT subject tests (if no ACT) - any advice on how heavily these are considered?

My class rank is definitely in the top 25%, likely in the top 10% (I haven’t checked since beginning of junior year).

Extracurricular details: I’ve played football for one year, tennis for three, and done cross country for one year. I’m Vice President of my student council, President of our Mock Trial club, and President of the Lions Club (volunteer organization) at my school. I’m in both NHS and the NHS for French language.

I’m also attending a summer program for a week at Amherst College (Amherst Great Books). While I know this isn’t officially considered in admissions, I thought perhaps I could establish communication with some professors or something of the sort. Any advice on this? Is it useful to admissions or not?

I understand this is all prospective, but I’d still appreciate any input. If I’m shaping up well, let me know, and if not, let me know what I could be doing better!

So are you saying your GPA of 3.95 is unweighted?

To my knowledge my cumulative GPA is weighted.

If Amherst is a dream school for you then apply, visit and interview. However, you are way, way down in the middle 50% and that would suggest your chances are below the average, which is very low to begin with.

A very good bet for you would be Connecticut College or Holy Cross. A reasonable bet would be Hamilton, Colby, Bates, Colgate.

View this process as you would any betting process where you are cognizant of the odds and the risk/reward. You place a series of bets based on the projected outcome.

See what your unweighted GPA is.

You are a 95th percentile student but Amherst on average accepts the 98th percentile. That has a huge impact on the chance for acceptance, especially given the class size.

Thanks for the input - is what you’re saying that my academics (GPA, SAT, etc) are currently lacking to be “safely” admitted?

Pretty sure Amherst does not interview. It stopped those years ago.

Sorry Amherst does not interview either on campus or off campus. That is sad.

@MHoughton97 Look at the numbers. The AVG SAT is a 2150 and the acceptance rate is 14%. The top end of the middle 50% is close to 2300.

Are there any factors like legacy or sports recruitment in the cards?

You can’t use the term “safely admitted” with these schools, no student can.