What are my chances of admission to the Air Force Academy

Hey, I am a junior in high school currently and I am curious as to what my chances are roughly of admission. I am always taking the ACT and attempting to improve my scores. I am going to take the SAT Soon.

GPA 3.93 unweighted
ACT 33 (32 Reading, 32 Math, 35 English, 33 Science)
Top 15% of class
Marching Band Section Leader/Leadership Team
MS All-State Lions Band
All-American Marching Band (Hardest High school Accepted Band in the Nation)
JROTC Platoon Leader Second Lieutenant
JROTC Athletic Team & Drill Team
All family members have served the Military (Not sure if that adds to chances)
I have taken AP classes that interest me and complement me aspiring to be a pilot.

I’m not qualified to give you a chance of admission, but I just want to thank you for having the guts to join the Air Force Academy and serve our country. I could never imagine doing it, and its people like you who are doing some of the most underappreciated work for our society.

Thank you so much for that comment. I am trying my best and it is people like you that push others forward to pursue their dreams! This comment made my year definitely!

Also, I’ve emailed my ALO Twice and and hasn’t responded either times.

Test scores and leadership are good. What athletics/varsity letters do you have? Have you attempted a CFA to see how you score?

Well, the kick to the gut is that I don’t have any athletic letters. I did good on the CFA though.

Doing “good” on the CFA is not going to make up for an absence of athletics. You need to have some physical activity involvement and you need to max the CFA to show the admissions board that you can handle the physical side of the Academy. JROTC is a good activity and will help your application.

You want to be a pilot and that will involve being in great physical shape, so keep working out for that aspect as well.

So in order to makeup and have a chance from the sports aspect. I need to do above average on all? I can do it. Thank you very much @oldpilot1972

I don’t know, but wouldn’t the JROTC Athletic and Drill team be the equivalent of a sport?

I don’t know enough to chance for military academies, but all the best.

Thank you for wanting to serve our country. I have insane respect for current and aspiring pilots and one of my top career choices would be to fly in the Air Force.
As for your academics, I think you are more than solid. I’m not sure about athletics. Best of luck to you!